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If you have found some new discovery, or there is a new Vangelis related release in your country, please write to me. If you can provide a scan, that would be even better! I'll add it here with your credit. Please help build this site! Write to me by clicking here!



This update - August 14, 2003

1492/Blade Runner Australian Double CD

Hi folks! Not much news here, but I came across this information and thought I'd better report it! On August 18th, there will be a new double CD set released in Australia, which includes two top-selling titles owned by Warner, 1492 Conquest of Paradise and Blade Runner as part of Warner's "Take 2" promotion there. These type of promotions generally do not stay in print long, so if you want one, I suggest you buy it straight away! I found it at the HMV site from Australia, and you can check it out by clicking here!

Lastly, even though I did not have much luck in convincing Editions Montparnasse to re-release older Frederic Rossif/Vangelis films on DVD, I was told by them that a release date of March 2004 for De Nuremberg A Nuremberg seemed pretty certain. 

This update - July 17, 2003

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Montserrat Caballe - Viva La Diva Japanese CDHi everybody! I have a couple of pieces of news to add today! The first one I am a bit embarassed about, because the European version of this item was released last year, and I just never got around to reporting it or adding it to the discography! Anyway, Seiya Hirano reported from Japan that it was released there recently, as well as Mr. Kim in Korea reporting its release there! What is it? It is a new compilation by Montserrat Caballe, entitled Viva La Diva-The Best of Montserrat Caballe (Japan: RCA Red Seal BVCC-34066; Korea: RCA Victor BMGCD-9J51). The nice thing about this compilation is that it includes all three of the tracks she did with Vangelis: "March With Me", "The Prayer" and "Like A Dream". So if you never got around to buying the two previous CDs with these tracks, this is the best way to get all tracks on one CD! And, the Korean and Japanese issues are remastered in 24/96 remastering!

Demis Roussos - Greatest Hits Korean 2CD Set

Also from Mr. Kim comes information of a new Demis Roussos compilation from Korea! This 2 CD set contains numerous Vangelis-related tunes on it (several from Reflection), including (by Aphrodite's Child) "Rain and Tears" "End of the World", "I Want To Live", "Marie Jolie" and "Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall", plus "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", "When A Man Loves A Woman", "The Great Pretender", "Stand By Me", "Love Me Tender", "Stormy Weather", "I Almost Lost My Mind", "Mourir Aupres de Mon Amour", "Lament" and "Race To the End"! What a nice compilation!

Finally, I wanted to talk about the new item from BR Music, Demis Roussos-The Singles, the deluxe book/DVD item that I spoke about on May 17th. I have finally got a copy of this item in my hands and I have to tell you, it is as impressive as I thought it was going to be. Bert van Breda, the head of BR Music and the worlds biggest Demis fan, has realized something I could only dream about (and perhaps produced with my own website). He has made this beautiful, hardbound book with deluxe glossy pages, showing some of the beautiful cover designs throughout Demis' career, both with Aphrodite's Child and in his solo career. There are beautifully photographed covers, much better than I can do with my scanner! And the DVD is a real amazing item! It is a 2-sided disc, one side video, the other audio. On the video side, there are no less than nine video items for Aphrodite's Child: "Rain and Tears", "I Want To Live", "The Shepherd and the Moon", "Let Me Love Let Me Live", "Rain and Tears (1987)", a French interview with Aphrodite's Child from 1969, two more videos for "I Want To Live" and another video for "Rain and Tears"! On the audio side, there are more previously unreleased tracks. There is "Seasons of Love", which only appeared once as a B-side on the Dutch 7" for "Race To the End", a new version of "Bambina" and a different version of "Lament"! If you are a serious Vangelis collector, you cannot afford to miss buying this collection. Just to remind you, the cost is 120 euros, which includes the shipping, and can only be ordered directly from BR Music, PO Box 308, 3860 AH Nijkirk, HOLLAND. For more information, write to BR Music by clicking here. Bert, bravo to have done a fine job!

This update - June 24, 2003

Michael Hoppe - Solace - Korean CDAnother update! First of all, the Michael Hoppé CD Solace has been released on CD in Korea! It has a different cover, a slightly different track order (of course, it still includes the Vangelis-performed track "The Parting") and contains two bonus tracks performed by the Korea group Andante. I asked Michael about them, and he reports:

"Andante" is a Korean group (violin and keyboards). They performed several of my pieces at a concert I gave in Seoul last November. The recordings came about because we share the same record company, and speak the same musical language.The producer, Sam Lee, visited us last month, and we are working on an album together.

The CD has been released on the Papyrus label and distributed there by Universal. Congratulations Michael!

Aphrodite's Child - The Singles +  Dutch 2CD setAnd that sneaky Bert van Breda from BR Music has snuck out more previously unreleased Aphrodite's Child material and didn't tell anybody! You know, if you look down below at the May 17th update, I spend a lot of time talking about the new Demis Roussos book and if you take a close look at the advertisement, there is a picture of this new Aphrodite's Child compilation, along with a Demis Roussos compilation, in the lower right hand corner. I simply assumed they were repackagings of previous BR Music releases. Man, was I wrong! This new 2 CD set includes three previously unreleased recordings by Aphrodite's Child. There are two live performances heard here for the first time in over 30 years! There are live versions of "End of the World" and "Lontano Dagli Occhi" included here! Best of all, there is an entirely new track released titled "Pathenon", an instrumental track! You are so sneaky Bert!

This update - June 8, 2003

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The Best of Vangelis 2003 Belgian CD releaseHello world! It's a nice Sunday and time for an update! I received word from both Roland Weißflog and Kees Wolvers that they have come across a new Vangelis compilation CD made in Belgium from Paradiso/BMG (PA 787/2), including 8 tracks (Spiral, Alpha, Albedo 0.39, A way, Theme from Cosmos, So long ago So clear, Ballad and Sword of Orion) and a nice new cover. BMG just loves "new" compilations!

The most interesting news has to do with something that is still be researched at the moment, coming from Panos Kokkalenios. It appears that a new VCD has been released in Greece by the Aegian Ministry, which includes a movie short about the Aegian Sea with music by Vangelis! It may be new music, that is not certain, but you can be sure that I'll report it no matter what! I'm excited by the possibility that this is new music! Thanks Panos for this great research!

This update - May 17, 2003

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Hi folks, sorry for such a late news update. I get into these collecting "depressions" every once in a while, especially when there has not been any new releases in a while. Please don't keep us waiting Vangelis!

The first item to report is a new BR Music item, invovling Demis Roussos and of course, including Vangelis/Aphrodite's Child items. To read a full-sized advert for this new book/DVD/CD, look below.  Needless to say, Bert van Breda has outdone himself again, producing a book with pictures of all the Demis Roussos picture sleeves, a CD with previously unreleased Demis tracks and a DVD with previously unseen Demis material, not even on the "Phenomenon" DVD that BR Music released in 2000 or the "Remember" series of DVDs that BR Music released last year.

The Forminx - Jeronimo Yanka/Dream In My Heart Australian 7" single

These two 7" singles that have been reported are "new" discoveries regarding some older Vangelis material. First, on the left is an Australian pressing of "Jeronimo Yanka/Dream In My Heart" by The Forminx! This is an amazing discovery, reported by John Pear, and gives a broader understanding of how Decca did attempt to market The Forminx outside of Greece during the 60s, and not to just the USA and UK, as previously thought. On the right is a Brazilian 7" by Little Sammy Gaha of the tracks he did with Vangelis performing: "J'ai Envie de Toi/Cuckoo" It is mind-boggling that there would even be an attempt to release and promote this single, made for the French market, half-way around the world in Brazil! This discovery is reported by Luiz Fernando de Almeida. Needless to say, both singles were pressed in very small numbers. Thanks to John and Luiz for reporting these rare items!

Little Sammy Gaha - J'ai Envie de Toi/Cuckoo  Brazilian 7"

This update - March 27, 2003

Bitter Moon US DVD

Hi folks! I managed to locate some cover art for the new Bitter Moon Region 1 USA DVD, here to the left! It does not appear there will be any more special features, and there is still no word on the sound, Click on the image to be taken to the official website regarding this release. I saw a pre-release price at DVD Empire of $13.99!

And people keep asking me, when am I going to talk about the new Michael Hoppé CD, to be released on April 8 in the USA, that includes a song composed by Michael (titled "The Parting") but performed by Vangelis? Don't worry, an update is in the works, you won't be sorry! For now, click here to go to Mr. Hoppé's official website! More to come...

Michael Hoppe Solace US CD

This update - March 19, 2003

First reported by Mike Williams on the Direct mailing list, and confirmed by looking at DVD File, it appears that Bitter Moon will be released at last as a Region 1 DVD in the United States on June 3, 2003. It will have an anamorphic presentation with the original trailer, but I do not yet know if the sound will be Dolby 5.1 or 2.0. I have not found any artwork, and it is not listed as of today's date for pre-order at sites like I will keep looking and will post an image here once I find one!!!

This update - February 16, 2003

1492 Australian DVD

Hi folks! This news comes from Lance Lenehan of Australia. He reports that there will be two more Vangelis-related DVDs released in his country over the next month. First will be 1492, enhanced for 16:9 screens and with Dolby 5.1 sound. In addition, it appears there are three interviews on the DVD as bonuses (Ridley Scott, Gerard Depardieu and Alain Goldman), which would make this release unique from all other releases worldwide (image scan courtesy of It is available now, and is Region-free, PAL format. Coming on March 5, 2003, we will see the Australian release of Chariots of Fire. No details are listed at this time, so I do not know if there will be any bonuses, or even the aspect ratio or sound. We'll have to wait and see. It does appear to be a region 4 DVD though. If there is something unqiue about this DVD, I'll report on it again as details become available! Thanks a lot for the news update Lance!

This update - February 5, 2003

Digital Art Gallery Vol. III - Heaven  Japanese DVDHi folks! It has just been way too quiet here lately...not an exciting start at all to 2003! Thank goodness that Seiya Hirano from Japan has some reissue news to report! First, on December 25th last year, there was a reissue of Digital Art Gallery Vol. III-Heaven on DVD by Amano Yoshitaka (artist most well know for "Final Fantasy" work). This particular still video compilation uses a pair of Vangelis tunes for background ("Flamants Roses" and "La Petite Fille de la Mer"). This is a region 2 DVD, and is retailing for 4800 yen, on Universal POBE-1023. More recently, on February 5th, a re-released edition of the Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe self-titled CD occurred (which contains "Let's Pretend", written with Vangelis) in a limited edition LP style paper sleeve and 24bit mastering. This CD, from Arista BVCM-37386, is retailing for 2000 yen.  Finally, for reasons unknown, the movie Chariots of Fire will see its third pressing on DVD in Japan on March 7, 2003 as part of the "Academy Award Series" by 20th Century Fox, FXBDA-1118. It's reissue heaven!

This update - January 11 ,2003

Direct CD 2002 - Is it Italian?


Hi Folks, Happy New Year! I have noticed a new issue of Direct with a new cover (see right) that has popped up on ebay lately. I do not yet have this, but it appears that it may be Italian in origin. I am seeing a "Gruppo Futura" logo in the lower left hand corner, just like on a previous Italian re-issued CD. The other giveaway is the "Il Meglio Della Musica New Age" indication in the upper left hand corner. I believe that is an Italian magazine. Keep your eyes open for this title! Can anybody from Italy confirm this release?

This update - December 21, 2002

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Humanity - Bird of Love/The Pawn French 7"

2002 is almost over, but it has truly been a great year for the re-discovery of older Vangelis material. I cannot remember such a year when so many forgotten titles were found...the Dimitri tracks, "Chakachak" by Aphrodite's Child was released, and the Helen Banks single spring immediately to mind. Now Robert Eichelsheim has done it again in discovering a 7" single by Humanity, which includes Robert Fitoussi and Vangelis! An Earth reunion perhaps? And to the right, I offer my latest new discovery from The Yumas, a 7" single which includes the track "Tapata", composed by Vangelis under his pseudonym "R. Broadbacker". Both of these single are from 1973. I have set up pages for both. To read a bit more about the Humanity single, click here. To read a bit more about The Yumas single, click here. I love this exploration!

The Yumas - Happiness/Tapata Italian 7"

This update - December 13, 2002

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Helen Banks "Do You Know/Hazy Day" French 7" single


This great news comes from Robert Eichelsheim, his discovery of the lost 1973 single by Helen Banks titled "Do You Know/Hazy Day", which was only linked to Vangelis due to the existance of a list obtained from Spheric BV back in the 80s which includes most of the songs Vangelis was involved with since the Aphrodite's Child years. This single by Helen Banks is on this list, and when one listens to the record, Vangelis is clearly involved! And yet his name is nowhere to be found on the record. This is a great research discovery by Robert. I have set up a new page for this, which can be found here. Good work Robert! It has been a good year for new discoveries!

This update - November 14, 2002

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Plastics Nevermore UK acetateThese are the collectibles that a Vangelis collector lives for, those once-in-a-lifetime finds that might never be seen again. The following is a big piece of Vangelis history, an acetate copy of the demo track that was sent to the UK from Vangelis and his bandmates in Greece back in 1968. The track is known as "Plastics Nevermore", which would become known as the first track by Aphrodite's Child. But do you notice that the band is not listed as "Aphrodite's Child"? Why is that? Well, because the band did not have that name yet! That name was not bestowed upon them until Vangelis, Demis and Loukas arrived in Paris later that year! No, the band name is listed as the Forminx! I found that to be an incredible revelation, and it truly raises some questions! Did Vangelis originally consider keeping and using the band name "Forminx" for their ventures away from Greece? Maybe we'll never known that, and perhaps for the better, as I personally like the name "Aphrodite's Child" much better! Now, as for the track on the acetate, is it different than the version of this we already know and love? The answer is...yes! The musical track, while more dynamic sounding here, appears to be identical, but the vocal track is definitely not. There are lyrical differences here. To clarify, it is definitely Demis singing and not a version of this song sung by Tassos Papastamatis from The Forminx. The track has nothing to do with The Forminx as we know that band. Wow, what a find! This is the very demo that sent Vangelis and company from Greece and into musical history. I am very, very happy to have this item here.

George Romanos - To Roloi Greek 7" test pressingIn addition to this new find, record dealer Kostas Matsoukas from Greece has dug up a "new" find, an early white label test pressing by George Romanos for the single "TO ROLOI" that appears to not be made by the record label Zodiac, which was responsible for its eventual release. This test pressing is from the HMV label, with the catalog number 7XGA 2640, which is not only written on the white label but also etched in the vinyl when pressed. Having not heard this, I cannot say if it is musically identical to the version that we already know of, which involves "The Papathanassiou Set". If you would like to learn a little bit more about George Romanos and Vangelis, please click here.

Finally, I have received word from Potfleur, the record label in Greece, that the previously announced LP release of Man For All the Doings (by George Theodosiadis, including one track with Vangelis involvement!), will finally happen this month! Again, it is a limited edition, and once it is actually in the marketplace, I'll try to provide a link for everybody who might be interested in buying a copy for themselves! Don't hesitate or it will disappear quickly (like the 2002 vinyl reissue of the Aphrodite's Child masterpiece 666).

This update - October 26, 2002

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Sony Music VCD 2002 Autumn Korean promotional VCDI've really been meaning to highlight this new collectible for several weeks in the news section, and it kept slipping my mind! Thanks to the great Mr. Kim of Korea, I am now holding the first example of anything related to Mythodea showing up on the VCD format. To top it off, it is an official product! This is a promotional VCD sampler of different Sony artists, titled Sony Music VCD 2002 Autumn. VCD is a popular video medium in most Asian countries, but not elsewhere. This sampler has the "Mythodea-special edit" video on it. Very cool, and probably will be very difficult to find, as there are not many Korean promotional items issued!

This update - October 15, 2002

Entends-tu les Chiens Aboyer? Italain 2002 Reissue CDFinally, to go along with the corrected version of La Fete Sauvage, CAM Soundtracks has corrected their version of Entends-tu les Chiens Aboyer?! The CD is being sold at a great price, and why not buy La Fete Sauvage when your at their site? Just click on the image to the right to be transported directly to the CAM website. I'm happy they finally fixed this!!! (Thanks to René Brenner for pointing out this new release to me!)

This update - October 3, 2002

1492/Blade Runner 2 CD box set from France, 2002The French record companies always seem to come up with a new packaging of Vangelis material for the holiday season, and 2002 is no exception! The latest is a 2 CD set that includes 1492-Christophe Colomb and Blade Runner in a box! This box is a different design than a similar one released by Warner France a few years back. It can be found currently at fnac (UPDATE February 6, 2003...this CD set is now out-of-print...if you're going to click that fnac link, it is too late!). Secondly, sorry to say but there is a manufacturing delay with the previously-announced LP release of the George Theodosiadis album Man For All the Doings. I'll keep you posted when it's ready for sale!

This update - September 22, 2002

Chariots of Fire UK DVD/CD set


Some artwork has surfaced on the net showing the slipcase for the new UK Chariots of Fire DVD/CD combination box set. It appears that the DVD will be the standard issue already released in the UK (which means Dolby 2.0). Nice packaging, part of a series of 20th Century Fox films packaged in this manner. Very interesting. Click here to read more about it. (Thanks for the link, Richard!)

This update - September 17, 2002

Remember the 60s Volume 1 Dutch DVDWe do have some news today to report! First off, hopefully next week we will be able to place orders for the George Theodosiadis LP I mentioned on August 25th. Keep watching the home page for news of this. The second bit of news has convinced me that vinyl does indeed live. I remember Dennis Lodewijks, at his Elsewhere site, reported on April 25th that 666 by Aphrodite's Child was being remastered. Who knew that it would then be released ON VINYL? But that is exactly what has happened, with very little fanfare I must add. It just appeared out of nowhere! It is indeed reissued by Universal in Germany on 180g vinyl in the gatefold sleeve. I have ordered a copy, but it has not yet arrived. I'm anxious to see this new release! If you want to order a copy, go directly to in the UK and order it before they are all gone. Tell 'em the Vangelis Collector sent ya! Third is this DVD pictured to the right, released by the great BR Music. According to the track list, there is a performance of "Marie Jolie" by Aphrodite's Child on this DVD! That track is not represented on the Demis Roussos DVD The Phenomenon. I have ordered this one as well and I am patiently awaiting its arrival to see this previously unseen video performance! It is a Dutch DVD, PAL format, perhaps codefree. We'll see. Finally, the mystery of the title for the Richard Anthony album that holds the Vangelis-penned track, "Qui T'a Fait Ça", is solved. The LP title is Amoureux de Ma Femme. Click here to go to his page and see a scan of the LP cover with the label and catalog number. Collectors, have fun! Oh, one more thing. Looks like the Collector's DVD Edition of Chariots of Fire in the UK has been pushed back to November 4, 2002...

This update - September 5, 2002

Suzanne Ciani - Meditations For Dreams, Relaxation & Sleep US CD

There are a couple of new reissues that have come out in the USA recently. To the left is a very small image of the new Suzanne Ciani compilation CD release titled Meditations For Dreams, Relaxation And Sleep, released on September 3, 2002. It includes the track "Lay Down Beside Me", performed with Vangelis. To the right is the newly repackaged Yes reissue Keys To Ascension 2, on gold CDs with a limited edition poster. This new issue includes the track "Children of Light", originally written (but unreleased) by Jon Anderson and Vangelis. Both can be ordered at Amazon!

Yes -Keys To Ascension 2 US 2CD 2002 Reissue

This update - August 28, 2002

It is looking more and more as if the Chariots of Fire Collector's Edition DVD will be nothing more than a repackaging of the existing UK Region 2 DVD and the soundtrack CD. I'm still trying to find more information and will post it as I find it. In addition, The Bounty is scheduled for release in Australia as a PAL Region 4 DVD on October 31, 2002!

This update - August 25, 2002

I have just learned today that, on September 15th, the Greek label Potfleur will be releasing their George Theodosiadis album "Man For All the Doings" on a limited edition (300 only!), 180 gram LP with gatefold and laminated sleeve! I am trying to secure the exact place to order this from, as it will only be available in Greece, and once I figure that out for certain, I'll post the details here! Vangelis plays on one of the tracks, "Espial Corridor". Click here to go to the Theodosiadis page.

This update - August 17, 2002

Bitter Moon UK videocassette 2002

On September 9, 2002, Bitter Moon will be re-released on videocassette in the United Kingdom, with a new cover (Note: Octavian tells me this cover is actually the same as the 1993 UK videocassette release, sorry!). Nice that it is getting re-released, but I wonder why a DVD is not also being issued to coincide with it. On Columbia/TriStar/4 Front Video C9069653. This can be pre-ordered at Blackstar in the UK. They ship worldwide. It is selling for a bargain price of £5.99! Also, there is a Chariots of Fire Collector's Edition DVD slated for release on September 30, 2002. Unfortunately, I have no details on what makes this a "collector's edition" at the moment, but it must be something different than the standard UK DVD issue. Stay tuned!

This Update - July 30, 2002

On September 21, 2002, Vangelis' Portraits will be re-released on CD in Japan, on Polydor UICY-2595. More details will follow after its release.

This Update - July 18, 2002 (amended August 28, 2002)

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Bitter Moon Spanish DVD front cover


On June 19, 2002, the first copy of Bitter Moon (Spanish title: Lunas De Hiel) was released on DVD in Spain! Don't celebrate quite yet, it is not the definitive version one would hope for. According to a description at one website, it is presented in both 1.85:1 and 4:3 formats, presented in both English and Spanish, with removable Spanish subtitles. The sound is now confirmed as Dolby 2.0 for the English-language version, and Dolby mono for the dubbed Spanish language version. This DVD can be found at, but beware, this is a region 2 DVD, in PAL. Plus, their postage prices outside of the EU are not the best.

This Update - June 30, 2002

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See You Later - Irish LP - A Side

The biggest news at the moment is this amazing find by collector David Horsell from the UK (THANKS!). He has found an Irish LP for the See You Later (1980) album that has the true titles of those 2 "lost" tracks that never saw official release (and sadly, not on this LP David has either, this only has the song titles printed on the inner labels). Strangely, the label sides are also reversed from the famous 1980 test pressing LP that does have these missing songs. So, the song previously referred to as "Neighbors" is actually "Neighbors Above", and the song previously referred to as "Gestation" is actually titled "Fertilization"! There are no references to the song titles on the record sleeve or inner sleeve.

See You Later - Irish LP - B side

Vangelis - Anthem - 4 track EU promotional 12"

No surprise that there are some new collectibles around the 2002 FIFA World Cup release. I am most excited about the Anthem 12" promo here to the upper left (Sony Classical SAS 55952). No country of manufacture listed on the label, so I'll say the EU. This is the only item so far to have the 5:36 version of "Anthem JS16 Club Mix", along with three other versions of Anthem. Below that is an unusual US promo (Sony SAMPCM 11401 2) that has 8 jingles/snippets of "Anthem", tracks lasting from :60 to a :03 "Orhcestral version stab"! In the upper right is a 4 track promo CD single from Spain (Sony PROMO 02), which includes the JS Radio Edit of "Anthem". And finally, a totally cool item from Hong Kong, the Songs of Korea/Japan CD specially packaged with a Soccer Action Figure made by Dragon Models, Inc. (Epic 508100.2SP)! This item is limited to 1,100 copies. There is a second one available for the other Official Album of the 2002 FIFA World Cup...I'm tracking it down now!

The Official Album of the 2002 FIFA World Cup - 4 track Spanish promo

2002 FIFA World Cup US promotional jingles CD

2002 FIFA World Cup Official Album Songs of Korea/Japan Hong Kong CD with Action Figure

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