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If you have found some new discovery, or there is a new Vangelis related release in your country, please write to me. If you can provide a scan, that would be even better! I'll add it here with your credit. Please help build this site! Write to me by clicking here!



There are a lot of Vangelis sites out there, some appearing and disappearing rather quickly. Heck, my site has been through at least four different changes since I began my presence on the web. If you're looking for more Vangelis-related sites, why don't you check out these sites? If you're not listed here, and want to be listed here, just write me, and I'll add you!


The Vangelis WWW Page - One of the first Vangelis web sites created, but not updated since 1997.

Elsewhere - Dennis' premiere Vangelis website, that offers a very informative overview of everything Vangelis, including numerous scans, an examination of Vangelis' instruments, plenty of reprinted articles, a trader page, and on and on!

Lyrics of Music by Vangelis - Great site by Henk, pretty complete with all the lyrics used in Vangelis/related tracks.

Movements - Robert's great website that examines the many releases by and with Vangelis, with some exclusive scans and great reviews.

Page of Vangelis - Seiya's excellent site out of Japan, with sections in Japanese and English, dedicated to Vangelis.

Invisible Connection - Mr. Kim started one of the first Vangelis fans sites out of South Korea, and not only that, he is a great friend. Please check it out! In Korean, but can easily be navigated.

Vangelis Online - Andreas runs this fan site out of Greece, with a news section of Vangelis happenings in Greece.

Vangelis Odyssey - Antas' most excellent, one of a kind site that focuses on the various bootleg and homemade Vangelis recordings that have surfaced since the invention of the CD.

Demis Roussos & Aphrodite's Child Fan Club - Paolo runs this great fan site from Italy, with the primary focus on Demis Roussos but also includes information on Aphrodite's Child and the Demis Roussos cover versions of his old AC hits.

Aphrodite's Child - This fan site, run by Franco Lo Schiavo, is dedicated solely to the examination of the discography of Aphrodite's Child. Nicely organized, in Italian, with lots of images. Check it out!

Infinity - LEF97 has set up this fan site in France, updated monthly!.


Vangelis - Vangelis' official site, set up around the time of Oceanic in 1996, but it has yet to be completed. I check back to this site regularly, hoping for its creation, as I dream that the information provided there would be extremely exciting and important, as it would come directly from Vangelis' team. Oh please, let it be realized some day soon!!!!

Mythodea - The official site set up by Sony Classical. A must see.

Michael Hoppé - His official site, which includes information about his Solace CD and the song that he did with Vangelis, "The Parting".

Kathleen Battle - The official site set up by Sony Classical highlighting her recent release, Classic Kathleen Battle-A Portrait.

Jon Anderson - His official site with some interesting comments about his work with Vangelis.

Krisma/Chrisma - The official site for this fantastic Italian duo. I love Chrisma!

Claudio Baglioni - The official site run out of Italy, in Italian.

Panda - Their official site, with a listing of their current gigs throughout Italy.

Milva - I just came across this, her official site! Still under construction it seems, but definitely being worked on. Wonderful.

Suzanne Ciani - The Seventh Wave site, her label. At this site, you can buy an autographed copy of The Velocity of Love for an extra $5.

Vicky Leandros - Her official website...I wish "Adler und Taube"/Le Colomb et L'aigle" would be released on CD!

Jane Olivor - Her official website, where you can also buy an autographed copy of her In Concert CD for $20.

Melissa Manchester - Her own personal website.

Cosmic Baby - Official website of the "Tribute To Blade Runner" remixer.

Cherry Vanilla - Goddess, and current representative for Vangelis in the USA.

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