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I created this page as a forum to discuss some fascinating collecting finds that I have come across. Many of these finds will showcase what is considered "memorabilia" in collecting circles, an interesting aspect of collecting that is often overlooked, and very difficult to catalogue! I hope you'll enjoy a peek at these unique treasures!

September 7, 2003 - I have been wanting to talk about these two items for about two months, when they arrived at my door. An unusual find indeed, I was not sure what to make of them when I initially discovered them, and waited anxiously for them to arrive at my door. This is the type of memorabilia that is usually not seen for a Vangelis release. Indeed, I have never seen anything like these two items before. Basically, what we have here is a custom made pen and custom filofax created for the 1998 release of El Greco. These items are simply incredible. Each comes in its own custom box. The pen is fountain-tipped, and has "VANGELIS · EL GRECO" written on the side. The filofax has "VANGELIS · EL GRECO" impressed in the leather cover, with a custom page inside. Take a look below to view these unusual collectibles!

El Greco Pen in box

El Greco pen with flipcase opened

El Greco Pen Case

El Greco Fountain-tipped Pen

El Greco filofax in custom box

Opened filofax with custom El Greco title page

El Greco filofax in custom box

El Greco filofax with custom title page

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