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I've transcribed seven of the articles I have, and believe me, there are plenty more. If you want to read some more, I highly suggest you click here and go to the Elsewhere site, as Dennis has transcribed a lot more over there.

Sounds (Vangelis article/interview, October 5, 1974, UK)

Neumusik 5 (Vangelis interview, part 1, 1981, UK)

Neumusik 6 (Vangelis interview, part 2, 1981, UK)

Life (Vangelis article/interview, July 1982, USA)

Telegraph Sunday Magazine (Vangelis article/interview, November 21, 1982, UK)

Polyphony (Vangelis article/interview, June 1983, USA)

Nightlife Exclusive (Vangelis article/interview, 1989, Australia)

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