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Issue #3

The Researcher


December 28, 2008

Aphrodite's Child - 666 Greek LP


This is not so much of a new discovery as it is a correction, and a disappointing one at that.  For years, I have made some great declarations about "L'eau et les Animaux", the fifth videocassette from the Les Animaux des Frederic Rossif series.  On this video, focusing on ocean life, there was a great deal of previously unreleased music and I love all of it!  I told all my collecting friends about it at the time these videos were collected, and it made perfect sense to me.  Collectors of Vangelis know that there is a great deal of unreleased music that Vangelis did with Frederic Rossif.  I have personally spent some time and effort trying to convince Editions Montparnasse (the company that released these French videocassettes) to re-release all the Rossif titles on DVD.  I had no success.  A pity, too, because Editions Montparnasse certainly highlighted the fact that Vangelis was scoring these videos and I believed that would also help DVD sales.  So I was disappointed that Editions Montparnasse passed on this but still, I loved this music.  And then, this year, the great researcher from Portugal, Vasco Oliveira, made a discovery...

Eric Vann - Waterworld German LP

Eric Vann - Waterworld German LP inner label

What he discovered (amazingly too, I don't know how he pieced it together!) is that some of the music from "L'eau et les Animaux" is not Vangelis at all but an artist by the name of Eric Vann!  That information is not on the videocassette.  The titles clearly credit Vangelis, but it looks like somebody at Editions Montparnasse decided that for this particular episode, they would use different music.  Now clearly, some of the music in this episode is Vangelis.  There is a unique version of "Hymne" on this episode for instance.  But for the first half hour or so, it appears that it might not be Vangelis at all.  Four of the songs from the Eric Vann LP Water World (Coloursound CS 24) are used in this episode: "Diving", "Dark Deep Sea", "Sunken Galleons" and "Sonar".  Vasco believes that other tracks in this episode are probably tracks taken from other Coloursound Library releases.  Coloursound Library was a company based out of Munich.  I do not know much about Eric Vann.  I wonder if he even knows that his music was used for this videocassette!

I am disappointed, but even so, I still like the music from this episode!

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