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This update - October 24, 2006

Okay, here is some news regarding the Vangelis Remasters!

Now, before you get too excited, I have to say I am a bit disappointed. Yes, Universal has finally put one title on the release schedule in the UK. But why, oh why, did they pick this title to start with? I love supporting Vangelis releases, and I support this as well, but I have to say that I think Universal is missing an opportunity here, an opportunity to release other titles along side of this newly-annouced title.

Having said that, the first title to be released is........Chariots of Fire! Yes, I know what you are thinking. Wasn't this released in 2000 in a remastered form? And didn't Vangelis supervise that remaster? The answers are yes and yes. So I am not sure what this edition will sound like, but I am sure that there will be a close listen by people to see if there is any difference in sound quality. The track list is identical (from what I could see), no additional material. The biggest plus I see for UK buyers is that it is listed as a budget-priced item. I checked most of the major online outlets (click them for details:, cd-wow, cd101, Woolworth's and Tesco). It is set for release on November 6, 2006 by Universal, Catalog No. 984139-8. CD Wow has it for £6.75 with free worldwide shipping! (Of course, for us in the USA, the dollar is so worthless against the pound.) When I checked, they also list it for release, but for October 30th and they say it is a Dutch import. How odd. So, let's wait and see how this turns out!

I don't usually report when a Vangelis track appears on a CD, but I thought I would report something a little unusual. The upcoming Will Ferrell/Emma Thompson comedy, Stranger Than Fiction, (opening in US theaters on November 10, 2006), uses a great Vangelis track, "La Petite Fille de la Mer". Now, how do you suppose that a song that is 36 years old (can you believe that?) ends up in a 2006 Will Ferrell comedy? Very odd, but I love this song! I am reporting this because, according to the Sony Music Store, this soundtrack will be released on CD AND LP! Sony won't put Alexander or Mythodea on an LP, but this they will? Go figure. Anyway, support vinyl by buying it. Just click here! The release date of the vinyl issue is November 21, 2006. Pre-order today!

This update - October 8, 2006

Badi Assad - Wonderland CDHi everybody! Good to be doing a long-overdue update! And there is a little interesting news to report! First of all, just released last week is the new CD by Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Badi Assad titled Wonderland. Why is this of interest? Well, she does a new cover version of the Vangelis tune "One More Kiss, Dear", which should also interest all you Blade Runner fans out there! I have not heard this yet but I will buy it and take a listen. From what I have read about Badi Assad, she is quite a unique performer, so I am looking for what I hope is not a straight-forward cover version!

Blade Runner, Blade Runner, Blade Runner....yes, I know I am a month late in reporting, but as you may know, in the USA at least (and soon for the UK), Blade Runner has been re-released on DVD, this time remastered and for a limited time only, until the big box set comes out next year. The DVD looks much better than the 1997 DVD release, but still not perfect, especially that Dolby 2.0 mix! But I am sure the 5.1 mix on the box set will amaze me. Oh, and just in case you cannot get enough Blade Runner news, there is a newly released interview with Ridley Scott (read it here). If this story is true, and why not, then I think I will be the happiest person on the planet in 2007! Sounds like a future road trip! Read the article, my friends, and be amazed at the possible Vangelis news...

This update - August 6, 2006

Hi everybody. Yes, I am still alive. I cannot say the last few months have been great though. I have had so many computer problems that I thought that it might mean the end of this website. I'm so sick of viruses and other I bought an Apple. That creates other problems, such as maintaining this website, all built on a PC. So I am afraid that there won't be as many updates as in the past.

Having said that, I wanted to pass along this little bit of info. It seems that Oliver Stone is working on a 3 hour 45 minute version of Alexander for future DVD release! Isn't that great??!! Surely there will be extended Vangelis cues (I hope!). Read all about it by clicking here.

Believe it or not, there really has not been much news to report! The reported remasters of the Polydor catalog appear to be coming, but not as quickly as first thought. Hang in there!

This update - April 25, 2006

Giorgia Fumanti AKA GioAria

To my Canadian readers, others in the area and anybody else!:

Montreal, CANADA, April 24th, 2006 – Music lovers and amateurs of great beauty will be graced by a very special evening Sunday, April 30th of this year at 19h30.  In fact, the superb Italian soprano, Giorgia Fumanti, also known as GioAria, is giving a concert in honor of The Weekend to End Breast Cancer, more specifically for the Segal Cancer Centre, a magnificent concert at the Theatre Maisonneuve of Place des Arts. For this occasion, Giorgia Fumanti, in this lavish concert that brings to light the greatest film scores and other wonderful surprises, will be accompanied by the Youth Symphony Orchestra  Laval - Laurentides  under the musical direction of Maestro André Gauthier.  She will also perform songs from her first album Like A Dream (Vangelis songs!!!!), as well as songs from her new album From My Heart that will be released later this year under the multinational EMI – Angel Records label.  This event will also put the spotlight on the singer Nancy Martinez and the pianist Richard Abel, while Josée Bournival will host this Gala evening. Giorgia Fumanti’s musical repertoire inspired by the music orchestrations of the seventh art and sung in French, English and Italian, literally transports the audience to another universe; a world made of peace, beauty, harmony and spiritual discovery. Do not miss out on this concert; a unique occasion to applaud this international rising star before she leaves again to conquer the world. This First Annual Concert is dedicated in memory of Carmela Coppola D’Addario.

Tickets available through the Admission sales network (514) 790-1245 or at the Place des Arts ticket office (514) 842-2112 or online at and; (Canadian dollars) $25.00, $35.00 and $45.00 (taxes and service costs included).

(Thanks to Maurice Velenosi and Edith Provost at MCM Entertainment/ISBA Music for the press release, and visit Giorgia Fumanti's website at!)

This update - April 22, 2006

Chariots of Fire Japanese DVD release...the 7th issue in Japan!!!


Hello again. My biggest news recently is on the main page of this website regarding the upcoming DVD release of Georges Mathieu ou la Fureur d'Être. Of course, we are also awaiting news, coming soon, about the reissues of Vangelis' Polydor back-catalog. In the meantime, think about this. On April 28, 2006, Chariots of Fire will be re-issued on DVD yet again in Japan. How many times is that, you ask? There will now be SEVEN unique DVD releases of this title in Japan. They must LOVE this movie in Japan! And why not, it is a classic! Want one? Go to my favorite store for new Japanese releases, CD Japan, and order one by clicking here!

This update - March 14, 2006

Quick news for those of you in the UK! There will be another screening of the documentary, "Dancing for Oliver", directed by Suzanne Gielgud, at the Constellation Change Film Festival in London on March 23, 2006 at 6:30 PM. For more information about the festival, please click the banner above. To see the direct link for the film, which examines "Bagoas' Dance" from the movie Alexander (and includes interviews with Oliver Stone and Vangelis!!!), just click here!

This update - March 11, 2006

Agni - When the Season Changes Greek CD 2006I'm a happy person today! I always loved the Greek 60s movie, Operation Apollo. Such a fun movie, and it has a great pop tune written with Vangelis called "Summer Dream"! Sadly, it was never available commercially to buy. But now, there is a cover version of this tune released by Agni on her new album, OTAN ALLAZEI O KAIROS (When the Season Changes), just released in February! A great tune...check out the Agni page I set up about it! The CD can be ordered at many Greek online's a couple of links, just click here or here to order!

The Very Best of Socrates Drank the Conium Greek CD 2005And while I was sleeping in 2005, Universal Greece released a compilation CD by Socrates, aptly titled, The Very Best of Socrates Drank the Conium, that contains four tracks off the Vangelis-produced/played Socrates album, Phos! Now how did I miss this release??? Here's a Greek online store offering this CD for sale, just click here.

Finally, check out my update on the Beaute Sauvage video page...another NINE video titles have been discovered for this videocassette series that seems absolutely impossible to find :-( Can't ANYBODY in France help out a crazed Vangelis collector to find these videos??? If so, WRITE ME!!!!!!!!

This update - February 18, 2006

"Rain & Tears/It's Five O'Clock" French 4-track CD Single


This looks like the year for reissues. In France, with little promotion, there has been a CD single released that remasters two Aphrodite's Child singles, "Rain and Tears/Don't Try To Catch A River" and "It's Five O'Clock/Funky Mary", combines them on one CD single and reproduces the cover art of the original singles from the 60s! This is part of a Mercury Records "EP Collection", being handled by the Magic Records company in France ( I have looked at their website and could not find a reference to it there for ordering, and tracking down a copy looks like it will not be easy. I THINK (I am not sure, so do not yell at me if this is wrong!!!!) that it can be ordered at FNAC. Check the link by clicking here. Looks like that is it to me.

This update - February 8, 2006

Hello everybody! Very important news to discuss here tonight! I open the discussion with news that Dennis reports at his Elsewhere site on February 3, 2006. He reports that Vangelis himself has remastered the back catalogue of his Polydor albums, and that more information will be reported there when available!

And now Seiya Hirano reports BIG news out of Japan! BMG has announced street dates for remastered versions of Vangelis' RCA catalog! This includes the albums Heaven and Hell, Albedo 0.39, Spiral and Beaubourg! They are all slated for release on March 22, 2006 as 24-bit remastered editions in limited edition LP replica sleeves, just like the Japanese Polydor remasters from 2003! The packaging will be top-notch, I am sure, and most likely will be replicas based on the UK LP editions, which were all released in gatefold sleeves for their first pressings! All of these titles are now listed for pre-order at CD Japan, and if you click on the album titles above, you will be transported to their pages for ordering! And that is not all. The famous Japanese collector shop, Disc Union, will be selling these titles exclusively as a box set in its own custom-designed box and with recreations of the original Japanese LP obi strips! Disc Union is famous for its reproduction supplements to many Japanese "LP replica" CDs, including their reproductions for the Vangelis Japanese CD reissues in 2003. For that series, Disc Union re-created the original Japanese LP obi strips, as well as a recreation of the gatefold sleeve for the original Aphrodite's Child 666 Japanese LP. These reproductions are not cheaply done, but professionally made and highly prized by collectors. So it will great to see what they do with these new RCA remasters! Don't worry, pictures will appear here once they are released!

And to top it all off, Seiya reports that the Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe CD will also be re-issued in Japan on March 29, 2006! It will also be in a LP replica sleeve. As you may know, this album contains the track "Let's Pretend", co-written by Vangelis. Strangely, it appears to retain the identical catalog number as the 2003 issue of this CD, which is odd, because the Japanese record companies generally assign a new catalog number every time they issue an album, even for re-releases. You can pre-order this as well at CD Japan by clicking the album title!

There's more! The Jon & Vangelis album, Page of Life, will also be re-released! Not as much information about this one though. Will it be released in a replica LP sleeve? Not known right now. We'll seek out this information and report later! Click on the album title to pre-order this from CD Japan!

All in all, a great bit of news from Japan. Thanks Seiya! Now the big question...have these new RCA CDs been remastered by Vangelis himself? Unknown at this time, but I am sure there will be a report of this soon!  

This update - January 29, 2006

Tammy-It Tears Me Up/Heart of a Child Greek 7"

Hello again, time for some news! Just a few things to report. The first one is a big new item for collectors!

First, Andreas Rallis of Greece has discovered a new find unknown to the collectors before this! It is a 7" single from the 60s by the female singer Tammy, and Vangelis is involved! Read more about it at the new page devoted to Tammy. Just click here!

Alexander 2 DVD edition, giveaway with Italian magazine "Panorama"


Umberto Calonaci reports that a recent issue of the Italian movie magazine, "Panorama", includes a copy of the 2 DVD theatrical edition of Alexander, complete with a modified cover for this release!  This release is 2.40:1 with Dolby 5.1 sound.  Interesting find, Umberto!

Lua de Fel Brazilian reissue DVD


Ernani Woiciechovski reports that Lua de Fel (AKA Bitter Moon) has been reissued on DVD in Brazil! This version is widescreen with Dolby 2.0 sound.  Nice to see all these DVD releases coming from all around the world!

This update - January 12, 2006

The Forminx Greek 10" Record!!!Hello again! I have known of this item for a few weeks, but I wanted to wait until my copy arrived so I could take a closer look at it. Indeed, it is a VANGELIS COLLECTIBLE FIRST! At the end of 2005, the Greek record company, Music Box International, has released a Forminx compilation on VINYL...a 10" record at that! There has never been a 10" record released with Vangelis material on it before, so this is indeed a prized collectible. This 10 track record has all the great hits, and is released as a limited edition of 1000 copies.  There are notes on the back sleeve (in Greek, I'm working on getting a translation done). Each vinyl has the number stamped on the inner label of the record. It does my heart good to still see vinyl items being made, and I recommend that you buy this while you can! I do not have a link at the moment (I'm looking!), but copies have been turning up at ebay, so if you want one, that would be the best place to look. Awesome!

This update - January 8, 2006

Chariots of Fire Ultimate Edition Japan 2 DVD Set

Hello everybody, and Happy New Year! Not a lot of news to report to start the year, but the always-reliable Seiya Hirano from Japan reports that there will be an upcoming "Ultimate Edition" 2 DVD release of Chariots of Fire on February 10, 2006! I believe the bonus material will be identical to the USA disc, however, as you can see, the Japanese release will contain a DTS audio soundtrack! Also on February 10th, there will be a sixth issue of the standard Chariots of Fire DVD as a single disc. To order from CD Japan, click here for the Ultimate Edition, and here for the standard single DVD.

This update - November 12, 2005

See FestivalURGENT UPDATE!!!! On November 19, 2005, if you happen to be in Brighton, United Kingdom, you must go and see the world premiere of the documentary, Dancing for Oliver at the SEE Brighton Documentary Film Festival, starting at 3:00 PM. Why, do you ask? I reported this back on July 17th, but to remind you, this is a documentary that focuses on the creation of the dance scene in Alexander, otherwise known as "Bagoas Dance"! This will feature interivews with all the creative forces behind this dance scene, including Vangelis himself! This may be the only opportunity you have to see this, although I truly hope a DVD will be produced. I wish I could be there! Please, if you go, would you pick up a copy of the programme for me? :-) Click the SEE logo or here for further information. (Thanks to Dara for the tip and to director Suzanne Gielgud for the update!)

Missing Japan DVD Reissue


On November 25, 2005, the movie Missing will be re-released in Japan by Universal. It did come out earlier this year but remained in-print there for only 1 month! The new issue is also being announced as a "Limited Edition", which could be just as brief, so if you want one, you should order it right away. And the price is great! Only 980 yen, which is the lowest I have even seen a Japanese DVD sold for! You can pre-order your copy at CD Japan by clicking here.

Francesco US DVD 2005 edition


Frederic Huss pointed out to me that in my very own country of the USA, Francesco has been re-released on DVD. I do not have any details on the specs, but I would guess it is not in widescreen, and it is definitely not the complete version. I would guess it is the same as the 1998 US release in content. It certainly is cheap enough to DeepDiscountDVD, it is selling for $5.99!!! To order it there, just click here! Thanks for the tip, Frederic!

This update - October 29, 2005

Yes, I'm still alive! Just taking a nice little break from things. Of course, when there is no news to report, it makes it kind of difficult to do reports! But nicely, Seiya Hirano writes to me from Japan to let me know that the soundtracks to both Chariots of Fire and Antarctica have been re-released in Japan at the low price of 1429 yen each! These are limited releases, which have a tendency to go out of print very quickly, so if you want these new releases, don't wait. I ordered mine at CD Japan. For Chariots of Fire (UICY-9879), click here. For Antarctica (UICY-9880), click here.

This update - August 3, 2005

(click images to enlarge)

Alexander Director's Cut USA 2 DVD Special Edition

Can you guess how I spent my evening last night??? :-) Yes indeed, the Director's Cut of Alexander is out on DVD in the USA, and it is fantastic! This edit is very satisfying indeed. As you know if you have been reading my posts here, I was not a huge fan of the film upon first viewing. This film took a few viewings for me to gain a deeper appreciation. I am happy to report that the new edit is a very enjoyable watch from the first viewing! Some scenes that I did not care for in the first film are gone, and some scenes are extended to much better effect! The battle scenes have some edits but they are relatively minor. And of course, there are some music cues that are changed, plus some new music I never heard before! To the right is the Exclusive Bonus disc from WalMart that comes packaged with the Full Screen Edition. This was a fascinating disc to see how much work Colin Farrell had to put into bringing Alexander to life to the scene. Oh, I forgot to mention, of course the Theatrical Version was also released here yesterday as a 2 Disc Special Edition, and each of the 2 Disc Special Editions have the "Vangelis Scores Alexander" documentary, clocking in at about 4 minutes, 26 seconds, which is identical in content to the promo EPK videocassette that Sony Music gave out to journalists when promoting the soundtrack's release last year. 

Alexander Exclusive Promotional Disc US DVD

Les Années Laser No. 113 French Magazine


And if you cannot get enough Alexander news, the last issue of the French magazine, Les Années Laser (No. 113, dated July 2, 2005), has a new interview with both Oliver Stone AND Vangelis!!! This can still be ordered for €4.60 plus shipping by clicking here (Update: Sorry, but the link no longer is applicable and I have removed it), but hurry, I am sure it will not be easy to buy once the next issue comes out!

Bitter Moon Dutch DVD, now available separately from the Roman Polanski Box Set


And Robert Eichelsheim reports that Bitter Moon is now available for sale in Holland on DVD. Previously, it was only available in Holland as part of the 8 DVD set The Roman Polanski Collection. The cost of the box set may have kept people from trying to obtain Bitter Moon there, but now that problem is solved with the single disc release (Dolby 5.1 as well!). Plus, they have released it with new artwork as shown here. Thanks for the news Robert!

This update - July 23, 2005


I have added a page today with an examination of three UK CD reissues of Soil Festivities, Mask and Invisible Conenctions.  Take a look by clicking here!

This update - July 22, 2005

Alexander Wal Mart Exclusive Giftset!!!What in the world is this??? Today I receive an e-mail from Meero asking if I know anything about this new Alexander Exclusive DVD Giftset that Walmart will be selling in the USA next month! And I do not have a clue! So I hop on over to their site and locate the DVD (click here!). No description of the bonus DVD! Just a picture of the fullscreen version of the DVD next to an "Exclusive Promotional Disc", taped together with a custom sticker! I guess I will be going to Walmart on August 2nd! Thanks for the news tip Meero!

This update - July 17, 2005

Interesting news out of Italy. Umberto Calonaci reports that an Italian book publisher, Bompiani, has released a new book by Claudio Baglioni, titled Senza Musica, now available for 12 euros! This is of particular interest to Vangelis fans. As many of you know, Vangelis worked on his smash-hit LP, E Tu..., in 1974 and helped make that LP a part of Italian pop history. In this new book, Baglioni dedicates a chapter to talking about Vangelis and that experience in '74. Sounds great! For more info, click here! Thanks Umberto!

Some other news that I hope can be explored by others. There is an interesting article on the net regarding the actor who plays Bagoas in the movie Alexander, Francisco Bosch. In this article, it is indicated that his famous dance scene in Alexander is subject of a new documentary film, that includes interviews with Oliver Stone AND Vangelis! This film is titled "Dancing for Oliver" and is directed by Suzanne Gielgud. It is supposed to go the film festival route and may even have a future release on DVD. It is suggested that there will be a full-length version of Bagoas' Dance in the film!  The article can be read by clicking here. Thanks to Rebecca at for the news report! (And thank you DW!)

This update - July 3, 2005

Kavafis Greek 2 DVD - Commercial Release!Nobody was more surprised than me to see on the Elsewhere site that Kavafis has been released on DVD for sale to the general public in Greece! I have been pushing for this to happen, forwarding e-mails to Alexandros Films in support of this release that have been left through my website. And out of the blue, one is released to absolutely no fanfare or press release whatsoever! How can this be? Oh well, the important things is that it is now available! Now, if you own the Box Set Collector's Edition of this, do not throw your set away quite yet. This new release is clearly for the Greek market only---no subtitles in other languages! The Box Set has subtitles in a variety of languages. Also, it appears that the image is cropped. As indicated on the back sleeve, the presentation is "Standard", meaning 4:3, unlike the Box Set, which appears to be 1.85:1. The sound is better on this new release, however. This new release does include the bonus DVD that was in the Box Set.

The bottom line. It is a great film, worth adding to your DVD collection. So buy it now! I bought mine from DVDLand in Greece. Yes, I know, it's in Greek. But no worries, just send them an e-mail and they will surely help you to make your order!

This update - June 14, 2005

Jon Anderson - State of Independence 2005 - UK Cd single

Hi everybody! No, not an update about Alexander on DVD this time! I think there is not a whole left to report about that other than to say that it is planned for release in more countries (3 DVD set from Holland, single and 2 DVD sets from Spain, Director's Cut in Australia, etc). Today my update is on an old friend of Vangelis, namely, Jon Anderson. Interestingly, he re-visits one of the greatest of Jon and Vangelis tracks, "State of Independence"! The CD single is planned for release in the UK on July 11, 2005, and I am curious to hear how he has arranged this updated version! I suppose this is the closest we may ever get to Jon working "with" Vangelis again: Jon re-recording old Jon and Vangelis tracks alone. This CD single will be enhanced with a video of the track as well. It is a live recording and will be used to promote his upcoming CD/DVD "Tour of the Universe", which began in the USA in 2004 and will continue in Europe this September. More can be read at his website by clicking here. Good stuff!


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