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This update - May 26, 2005

Alexander Theatrical Cut USA 2 DVD Edition

Alexander Director's Cut USA 2 DVD Edition

Alexander Director's Cut USA Single Disc Fullscreen Edition

Alexandre French 3 DVD Edition Collector with Theatrical and Director's Cut, plus bonus material DVD

Can't wait until August! So, now we have the following artwork from Warner Home Video (USA) for the three different USA versions of Alexander. To the far left is the 2 DVD Special Edition of the Theatrical Version. Next is the 2 DVD Special Edition of the Director's Cut, presented in anamorphic widescreen and including the bonus disc of supplements. Next to that is the Single DVD Edition of the Director's Cut, presented in Fullscreen without the supplements. But not to be outdone by anybody, the French have it going on! On August 3, 2005, they will release a 3 DVD Edition that will include both the Theatrical Cut, the Director's Cut and have a third disc of supplements (see image on far right)! Alexander is truly getting lavish treatment on DVD around the world!!!

This update - May 13, 2005

Alexandre, O Grande Edição Especial 2 DVD Set from Portugal


More news about, what else, Alexander! The latest news comes from Vasco Oliveira from Portugal, who has learned that a 2 DVD edition of "Alexandre, O Grande" will be released there on May 17, 2005! No word yet on what the special features will be on the second DVD, but once we have learned what they are, this news report will be updated. Great news Vasco!

This update - May 11, 2005

Alexander 2 DVD Complete Edition Korean Set

I knew Mr. Kim from Korea would get in touch about something great there! he reports that on May 27, 2005, there will be a Complete Edition DVD set released there for Alexander! This 2 DVD set with have nice packaging as seen here, with Oliver Stone commentary on Disc 1, and on Disc 2, there will be the following features: "The Making of Alexander", "Cast Interviews", "Crew Interviews", "Another Side of the Scenes", "The Life of Alexander the Great", "Trailer" and "TV Spots"!!!! All over the world, this movie is getting first-class DVD treatment. Thanks for the report Mr. Kim!!!

Also, I took a peek at the Warner Home Video site today to see if they had any artwork for the upcoming USA releases reported earlier. No artwork, but it looks like the new version of the DVD will not be called "Final Cut" as they earlier suggested but "Director's Cut" (like in the image in the April 25th update), and the description of the widescreen Director's Cut 2 DVD set promises extended/new scenes! I cannot wait until August!

This update - May 2, 2005

Alexander Advert from Hong Kong


Very interesting news item from Sam in Hong Kong that I received the other day! He reports a fullpage advertisement for the upcoming release of "Alexander" in a Hong Kong newspaper, half of which is dedicated to the 3 DVD Box Set previously mentioned. This advert reminds us that there will also be a 2 DVD set available there, but more incredibly, there will be two official releases on VCD: a 2 VCD Box and a 3 VCD Deluxe Box Set! For those who do not know, VCD stands for Video Compact Disc and is one step below DVD in quality, but better than videocassette! This format is still popular in many Asian countries. Regardless, I am still amazed to see that there is this level of effort in support of the film. Great news Sam, many thanks!!!

This update - April 27, 2005

Finally!!! It is official, we have word from Warner Home Video of not one, but three different USA DVD releases of Alexander! There will indeed be the Theatrical Version made available, and one of the features is titled "Soundtrack Featurette: Vangelis Scores Alexander"!!! And then, there will be what is described as the Final Cut, available in both widescreen and standard versions! Warner Home Video is taking advanced orders for all three versions (US addresses only though), to be released August 2, 2005. I am sure in the next few days, we will see more artwork and get more details on the Final Cut. I am just glad there is finally some information from Warner!!!

This update - April 25, 2005

Alexander - Director's Cut - US DVD!!!Holy smokes! I was over at, and there it is! News of the US DVD of Alexander with an image! This will be the new Director's Cut of the film...I am so excited about this! Who knows what this version will look or sound like! I mean, I assume that Vangelis perhaps was involved in some small way, especially if there are additional scenes added. However this was worked out, I can only hope for some additional cues we have not heard before! I think it is great...we have both the theatrical cut and now a new, special version coming. This is better than I could have imagined!!!! August 2nd (the projected release date) cannot get here fast enough for me!

And more news. There is a single disc and a "Special Edition" 2 DVD set that will be released in Japan on July 29, 2005. It appears that the Special Edition contains the theatrical cut (indicated to be 173 minutes). Now, in the UK, the situation seems a bit more interesting. It looks like they will see both versions on August 1, 2005. The 2 DVD set will contain the theatrical cut of the film. However, the single disc set, according to the UK HMV site, will contain the Director's Cut, which they describe as being 25 minutes shorter than the theatrical version! And according to dvdorchard in Australia, they will see a single disc DVD on July 13, 2005. It is unknown what version this Region 4 issue will be.

This update - April 23, 2005

Alexander Region 3 (Hong Kong) 3 DVD Limited Edition Box Set

I decided to get rid of the April 17th news update and re-do it. This is regarding a 3 DVD release of Alexander in Hong Kong (Region 3), that was first listed at CD-Wow, then removed, and is now back again with some more details. So again, let's repeat! There is nice-looking, limited edition (2000 only) release coming on May 5, 2005 that has the theatrical cut of the movie, plus over 180 minutes of supplemental material spread out over two additional DVDs, plus 4 Alexander postcards and a numbered certificate indicating which of the 2000 you have. If you look to the left, you get some sense of what this package will look like. CD Wow has a price of £18.99 for the set. Not bad! Click here for further details or to order from them. They also have a 2 DVD set from Hong Kong listed for £11.99.

A single disc DVD of "Alexander" is slated for release in South Africa on May 27, 2005.

The latest rumour has it that the new edit of "Alexander" will be released on DVD in the USA on August 2, 2005. Rumours, rumours, rumours...

This update - April 16, 2005

(click image to enlarge)

Alexander Italian 2 DVD Special Edition

I think there will be a lot of Alexander news in the coming month! Umberto Calonaci from Italy has sent me a scan and some additional information about the Italian edition of Alexander, coming on May 17, 2005. This 2 DVD set will include the theatrical cut on one DVD that will have optional audio commentary by Oliver Stone and Robin Lane Fox!. On the other DVD will be a variety of different material. Titles of the additional material include: "From the Story To the Movie" (26 minutes, 55 seconds), "Backstage" (28 minutes, 49 seconds), "The Work of the Actors" (31 minutes, 21 seconds) and the trailer. Awesome stuff! Thanks to Umberto for the update!

UPDATE April 17, 2005!!

I just looked at this link, and it appears there is also a bonus on the Italian DVD entitled "Le musiche di Vangelis"!!!!! I wonder what that will consist of???!!!

This update - April 14, 2005

Alexander German 2 DVD Premium EditionMore Alexander video release news! First, I want to say that I have gotten my DVD copy from, it looks and sounds great! It is, in fact, the theatrical version. I have taken a look at the extras. Many of you in Europe have already seen the "Fight Against Time" documentary. It really does reflect how much work it took for Oliver Stone to realize his dream project! And lots of Vangelis music used, with some cues heard much clearer than in the movie! Then the interviews...I was so excited to see Vangelis is interviewed, but I am really disappointed! It is an approximate 45 second clip from the Sony EPK promo, and they cut Vangelis off at the very end in mid-sentence! On the "B Roll", however, there is a nice 1 m 30 s (approximate) of raw video footage of Vangelis in his studio! Hey, at least it is something! I was hoping they would have put the entire EPK on this DVD. Oh well.

More release announcements are spotted. In Germany, the release date is now May 25th, a "Premium Edition" 2 DVD set with different cover art than shown previously (see right). In Italy, there is a 2 DVD edition and (gasp) a PAL videocassette set for release on May 17th! I forgot about videocassettes! (Thanks Robert, Mikel, Paul, Silvio and everybody else for writing to me with this news!)

Still no release date set for the USA...I hope that we see something really special here. I think we will!!!

This update - April 5, 2005

Finally, it is out somewhere!!! Alexander has been officially released on DVD in Denmark as of April 4, 2005! There are two editions: a single disc version and a 2 DVD Special Edition! Of course, both are Region 2, 2.35:1, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS, and it appears the film length is slightly shorter than the theatrical version at 168 minutes, although I cannot absolutely confirm this at the moment. On the 2 DVD of the special edition, there is the documentary "Fight Against Time: Oliver Stone's Alexander" at 76 minutes, a second documentary "The Making of Alexander at 12 minutes, some other supplement that lasts 15 minutes ("B Roll"?) and 15 minutes worth of interviews. No word yet if Vangelis is shown in any way. I hope somebody can write to me about this!

Alexander DVD - 2 DVD Special Edition - Denmark

Alexander DVD - Single Disc Edition - Denmark

This update - March 20, 2005

Demis Roussos - Rain and Tears - Duthc DVD 2005

Gee, I should have went over to look at BR Music's website, because if I would have done that yesterday, I would have noted that in addition to the Demis Roussos DVD noted in yesterday's news report, BR Music has released two other Demis Roussos DVDs that are Vangelis related! Basically, there is nothing previously unreleased on these. What we have are Rain and Tears, a 20 track DVD with 7 songs Vangelis related (original versions), and In Concert, which has 4 songs Vangelis related (cover versions-included are the shows from Bratislava and a portion of the show from The Royal Albert Hall from 1974). If you own The Ultimate Demis Roussos 2 DVD set that was sold in the UK in 2000, then you already have the material on both of these DVDs. (CORRECTED 4/15/05) As for Rain and Tears, this DVD was previously only available when purchasing the limited edition Demis Roussos The Singles Book that BR Music produced two years ago! (Thanks for correcting me on this Bert!) The selling point of these two re-releases is the price! Look around and you should be able to find them for around 10 euros each!

Demis Roussos - In Concert - Dutch DVD 2005

This update - March 19, 2005

Hi everybody! How excited do you think I was when I got my latest DVD club magazine here in the US (Columbia House)? I flipped through and was amazed to see that Alexander was available for pre-order, to ship on April 5, 2005! Available in wide screen and full screen versions! A 2 DVD set! 175 minutes! Trying to calm myself, I quickly went to the website to place my order...and of course, was let down rather easily. It was not there on the website! Of course, I realize that this catalog probably was printed out when there was a release date picked by Warner Home Video, but since it has been delayed, it was too much for Columbia House to print up new catalogues. At least we have some insight into the initially planned release date...

As a teaser, The Digital Bits reports that an Alexander release announcement is imminent in the USA...

Columbia House DVD Club Advert

Milva - Ich 'hab kein angst  Korean 2005 reissue CD


My main reporter from South Korea, Mr. Kim, reports that the Milva CD, Ich hab' Keine Angst, has been re-released in his country this year! They (meaning the major labels) really appreciate world music titles in Korea. I am amazed to see a German-language title being released in Korea, especially one from 1981! Comes with a nice obi strip, like the Japanese releases. Thanks for the update Mr. Kim!

Demis Roussos - Forever and Ever DVD 2005The next bit of information comes from the most-excellent Dennis Lodewijks and his Elsewhere site. It seems that BR Music has once again released a new Demis Roussos DVD that has direct appeal to Vangelis collectors. But the release went unnoticed for a month! It is called Forever and Ever (which seems to be a title used over and over again for any compilation of Demis material) and it has no less than four previously unreleased Aphrodite's Child music videos! Songs include "Rain and Tears", "End of the World", "It's Five O'Clock" and "Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall." Where in the world does Bert van Breda find these items??? He truly is the king of Demis Roussos collecting. I am quite jealous in some ways, because his collecting of Demis items is at a much higher level than my collecting of Vangelis. I may have a lot of records/CDs and so on, but I will probably never have the access to first generation video material of Vangelis like Bert seems to have for Demis. Maybe if I had my own record company...and if I knew anything about that business!

Anyway, thanks to Dennis for the report! Visit his News Section for more details...

Adriaan Ditvoorst Box DVDIn other news, Walter Wachhauer reports that there will be a re-release of Vangelis-Odyssey in Japan on April 21, 2005 at a price reduction, down to 1400 yen, as compared to the first pressing price of 2476 yen. This can be pre-ordered at CD Japan. Thanks Walter!

And just three more days until the released of Adriaan Ditvoorst Box in Holland. This Dutch-only DVD Box set will include the film De Mantel der Liefde, which as I mentioned in the January 25th update, is set to Vangelis' Heaven and Hell album. I bet that it matches the images a lot different than that music's use in Cosmos...

This update - March 13, 2005

Alexander on DVD in June? Man, it is just amazing that there is not some more information about the DVD release of this film yet. There are continued signs that it is coming, but no press information from Warner Home Video. However, they must be preparing some retailers. In the UK, at the HMV site, they are taking pre-orders for TWO planned releases of this film, a "Standard" single DVD edition and a "Special Edition" 2 DVD set! A pity there is no artwork or even details yet, although the standard edition indicates it is about 3 hours long, so hopefully that means there will not be an edited release of the film (as rumoured!). Date of release is noted as June 13, 2005. Let's hope!!!

This update - February 19, 2005


As Dennis at reported earlier, and I confirm now (as I look at my copy that has arrived from Greece), there is finally a DVD release of the Vangelis-scored 70s' flick Ace Up My Sleeve. What a cool flick. The print looks great, and the sound is a bit strange (but clear!). There are options for both the original mono mix, as well as an "enhanced" Dolby Digital 5.1 mix, which is really kinda strange, certainly not a true separation of distinct items (like dialogue, sound effects, music, etc.). Aside from that, I have to say I really dig this movie. The music Vangelis provided for the disco and the drive in the Mazarati are just vintage Vangelis.

Ace U My Sleeve Greek DVD


Old finds make great news. I do not generally put old items in here, unless they are major discoveries, as this one is. Seiya Hirano has located a copy of Pablo Picasso on videocassette in Japan, previously unknown and no longer in print. And this is not the only news from Seiya. He has also learned (but has not yet found) that, as part of this series of videocassettes, Georges Braques Ou Les Temps Different has also been released. I have created a new page for Pablo Picasso. Excellent research Seiya!

Pablo Picasso Japanese videocassette

This update - January 25, 2005

Alexander Hong Kong DVD


Rumours and more rumours. Who knows when Alexander will be released on DVD? It is difficult to find official information, but there are some indications surfing around the net that it is on the release schedules in certain countries. I saw a date of May 30, 2005 for Switzerland, a date of May 23, 2005 for Germany, both as a single DVD and a 2 DVD "Premium Edition" (artwork to the right) and a date of June 13, 2005 for Hong Kong (artwork on the left). If any of this comes true, well, we will just have to wait and see. I cannot wait to watch those elephants charging through my living room in 5.1 Dolby Digital!!!

Alexander German 2 DVD "Premium Edition"

Bitter Moon is finally on the DVD release schedule in Germany for February 22, 2005. Presented in anamorphic widescreen and Dolby 2.0, it can be had pretty cheap, around 13 euros. I was going to include the artwork, but when I looked at it, I noticed it was identical to the Dutch artwork I listed down below last month. I will research this and make sure the Dutch image is accurate...

Now that Missing has been released on DVD in the USA, Universal must be giving the green light for its release worldwide. I reported last month about its pending release in Japan on February 25th. Now there will be a release in Germany on February 17, 2005, at around 13 euros. Titled "Vermißt" in Germany, this release uses the same artwork design as the Japanese release. It will also be a widescreen release, with choices of English, French or German, as well as sub-titles in these languages (Dutch too I am told). Not sure about the sound...most likely just like the USA issue: Dolby digital mono. There is some question as to whether this was released in stereo in the theaters back in 1982. Does anybody know for sure one way or the other?


Vermißt German DVD


I was absolutely floored when I went to visit my friend Dennis' excellent site, Elsewhere, and he reports the news that two of the documentaries that Vangelis scored for Jacques Cousteau are now available in a limited way in France! The two titles are on one DVD, titled L'Indonesie-Les Verges de L'enfer/Sumatra-La Cœur de la Mer. Now, I do not know much about them at the moment. I ordered mine as soon as I read Dennis' news. The link he provided to order can be found by clicking here. However, I am not sure if they have any left or not. It might be a backorder item. The site is in French, but it is not too difficult to navigate. And 13.50 euros! What a bargain! Dennis, you always have the best news!

Cousteau: l'Indonesie-Les Verges de L'enfer/Sumatra-La Cœur de la Mer  French DVD

And then last week, Robert at Vangelis Movements writes and reports that he has learned there will be a DVD box set released at the end of March of films by Dutch director Adriaan Ditvoorst. And what does this have to do with Vangelis? Well, some of you may know that Mr. Ditvoorst (who died in 1987) directed a little known film titled De Mantel der Liefde in 1978, comprised of 10 short stories, and using Vangelis' "Heaven and Hell" album as the soundtrack! I searched for two hours trying to find some artwork to put up of the new box set, and could not find a single image of the artwork. None of the major Dutch DVD internet shops have it listed yet, but it is supposed to be released on March 22, 2005. Another situation of "wait and see", as it appears this box was originally slated for release last September. Great news though Robert! I, for one, am anxious to see this film. In examining the soundtrack LP that was released in Holland when the movie came out, and seeing some of the still photos, it looks like it is a bizaar movie.

This update - January 7, 2005

Happy New Year! Well, Alexander has run its course in the theaters in the USA, and already there are projected DVD release plans. Rumour has it that we will see this in April, just three months from now! No word on specs yet. And the guys at The Digital Bits (reported on 1/7/05) are reporting that Warner intends to release Alexander in the new HD-DVD format when this format is introduced to the world in "late 2005". More on this as details become available!

This update - December 29, 2004


Yes, another long wait for an update, I'm sorry! The holidays have been very hectic, and I have just a quick break to squeeze in a lot of information! I do not even know where to start, so I guess I will talk about Alexander! This past week, a promo appeared on ebay, a CD pressed especially for Oscar voters to consider Alexander for Best Score. Another Oscar for Vangelis? We can only hope! What makes this promo unique is that it only contains cues that are present in the film itself, so this will be different than the CD that is commerically available. There will certainly be different versions of tracks and different edits, plus there may be tracks on this disc not available on the commercial release. So we have another great collectible to seek out. Nice way to end the year!!!

Alexander "For Your Consideration" US promo CD

Alexander Japanese CD


And like 1492, we are beginning to see cover variations for Alexander. To the right is the cover art for the release sold in France, using the title Alexandre. To the left is the artwork for the Japanese release, slated for February 2, 2005 (Sony Classical SICP-714). I think I prefer the Japanese issue to all the releases! Thanks to Seiya Hirano for the information on the Japanese release! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Mr. Kim in Korea confirms the release of Alexander there as well, with the same cover as the US/EU. Thanks for the info!

Alexander French CD


Seiya Hirano also provided some additional information regarding upcoming Vangelis-related releases for Japan. On February 2, 2005, Japan will FINALLY get a DVD release of Mythodea! I was always amazed by the fact that it was not released there when the rest of the world received it. Sony Classical will now correct this oversight! Then on February 4, 2005, Japan will see the FIFTH DVD release of Chariots of Fire! This is a total mystery, I am not sure why 20th Century Fox in Japan continues to re-release this title with slightly different catalog numbers but with no changes at all to the contents. This will not be the special edition! But it is a collectible nonetheless! Finally, on February 25, 2005, Japan will be the second country to see the release of Missing on DVD. No word if there will be extras, but I imagine it will be nearly identical to the USA DVD. I bet that they at least put a menu on it though, unlike the US issue! Thanks Seiya!

Missing Japanese DVD



Manuel de Freitas recently started a discussion on the Direct mailing list that brought to light the fact that Cosmos has now been released on DVD in two new countries: Spain and Portugal. In Spain, it has been released as a 7 DVD Box Set. In Portugal, the set has been split up into two sets. The first is a 4 DVD Set, and the second is a 3 DVD Set with a poster! The Spanish set can be ordered by clicking here, as can the Portuguese set by clicking here. Thanks for the news Manuel!

Cosmos Spanish 7 DVD Box

The Roman Polanski Collection - 8 DVD Box Set from Holland


Some old news and some new news regarding DVD releases of the great Bitter Moon. In Holland, on October 7, 2004, there was released an 8 DVD Box Set of Roman Polanski films, titled The Roman Polanski Collection, that includes the great Bitter Moon. This is apparently not available separately in Holland and only available in this box set. Then on February 22, 2005, Germany will also see the release of this title on DVD. I do not know the specs on the Dutch DVD, but the German DVD will be anamorphic widescreen with Dolby Digital 2.0. Many thanks to Kees Wolvers for the Dutch information and to Hotte for the German information!

Bitter Moon German DVD



Kees Wolvers also informs me that there is a DVD released in Holland of Jacques Cousteau - Ontdekkingsreis Onder Zee 01. On this DVD is the title "Australia - The Last Barrier", which uses music from the Vangelis albums Mask and Soil Festivities. This is a great first step, now we need some country to release those Jacques Cousteau "Rediscovery of the World II" titles with new Vangelis music on DVD. Thanks Kees!

Jacques Cousteau Ontdekkingsreis Onder Zee 01 - Dutch DVD, includes "Australia-The Last Barrier"

Finally, I just want to add a great thank you to everybody who has helped me with the collection over the past year, and thank you to everybody who contributed information. It is always a pleasure, and I apologize to you for my slow responses. A Happy New Year for 2005 to all of you! Finally, thank you visitors for coming and researching at this site! That alone makes the effort worth while! Cheers!

This update - November 15, 2004

(click image to enlarge)

Alexander US Limited Edition CD - Only Available at BordersIf you are like me, then you have probably been listening to Alexander non-stop since last Monday or Tuesday. What an amazing album! And then on top of this, an e-mail from Rob at the Direct mailing list last week pointed out an amazing fact! We knew that there will be a limited edition of the new album released in Germany at the end of the month, with a bonus track titled "Bizarre Bazaar", but what was not known until Rob pointed it out, was that this limited edition is now available in the USA! It is an exclusive release sold in the US bookstore called Borders. It appears only available in their physical locations and cannot be ordered over the internet. So I finally made it to Borders today and found a copy! And what a cool track! It does not fit the flow of the album, so I can see why it is not incorporated into the standard final release, but as a bonus track, it is really wonderful, electronic stuff! Totally unexpected. Get to the Borders store near you and buy one today!!!

This update - November 7, 2004

(click image to enlarge)

Vangelis-Alexander USA 1st Edition CDR Promotional acetate


Only two more days here in the USA and Alexander will be released! I am so anxious, I almost cannot handle the anticipation! Some folks out there have been lucky enough to have heard the score already, and collectors take note! There are two USA advanced promotional CDs floating around out there, both of them CDR acetates. The first one on the left has a text-only cover with track information. The second issue on the right has front and back cover artwork that looks like it will be nearly identical to the issue released in the stores. This news is fantastic!

Vangelis-Alexander 2nd USA Edition CDR Promo Acetate

This update - October 31, 2004

(click image to enlarge)

Chariots of Fire USA 2 DVD Edition


Hi everybody! Keith Gregoire turned me on to some great news about an upcoming deluxe DVD edition of Chariots of Fire! On February 1, 2005, there will be a re-release of this great movie in the USA in a deluxe edition, 2 DVD set! First off, this will be the first time in the USA that a widescreen version of this film has been available to the public on a home video format. Enhanced for 16:9 televisions, this will also mark the first time that a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix has been created for this film in any country! The bonus disc will have lots of extras, including several deleted scenes, director commentary, a couple of documentaries, and some easter eggs. Now, let's start wishing and hoping now that one of those easter eggs is the music video for "Titles" with Vangelis playing on the piano!


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