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This update - October 24, 2004

Missing DVD USA


Hi everybody! Not too much longer until Alexander! I can't wait! Well, let's see what else is happening. On November 23, 2004, there will FINALLY be a DVD release of the Costa-Gavras film, Missing. I hope that the sound is improved somehow over the terrible-sounding videocassettes we have had for so many years (the sound for the DVD is reported to be Dolby Digital mono). This is a US release, which means it is regionally coded for Region 1 and in NTSC, so this is not the best news for our European friends. The retail for this DVD is only $9.99! What a bargain! Maybe with the US release, other territories will follow. Available at Just click here!

Franziskus German DVDOther territories do follow through on DVD releases. In Germany, there will be a German-dubbed DVD released for the film Francesco (titled Franziskus). The DVD is slated for release in Germany on November 2, 2004. But it sure is strange how it is being released. It has an anamorphic presentation, like the Italian DVD, but the sound is Dolby Digital mono! Very strange, since the Italian DVD has a Dolby 5.1 mix! And this new DVD is dubbed in German, so it probably will have little appeal outside of Germany. What a seems very strange that this English-language film (although an Italian production) is not yet available on DVD in an English-language version! At least this German DVD is reported to be the full-length version of the film. This is available at Just click here!

And our friends in Holland have a set of three DVDs (with a bonus CD) to collect! The DVD series, 40 Jaar - Top 40 has music videos for four Vangelis-related tracks! On the set 1967-1968, the Aphrodite's Child video for "Rain and Tears" is included. On the set 1979-1980, the Jon and Vangelis video for "I Hear You Now" is included, and on the set 1981-1982, the Jon and Vangelis video for "I'll Find My Way Home" and the Donna Summer cover version of "State of Independence" are also included! The DVD format has the potential to dig up all sorts of Vangelis nuggets like these!!!

40 Jaar Top 40 1967-1968 Dutch DVD/CD set

40 Jaar Top 40 1979-1980 Dutch DVD/CD set

40 Jaar Top 40 1981-1982 Dutch DVD/CD set

Richard Anthony - Talents du Siecle French CD 2004


There has been a recent French CD re-issue of the Richard Anthony album Amoureux de Ma Femme, simply titled Richard Anthony (part of Universal France series "Talents du Siecle"). As you may or may not know, this album was originally released in 1975 and includes a track composed by Vangelis called "Qui t'a fait ça?". At around 10 euros, this budget-priced CD is a cheap way to have a chance to hear this composition. This can be bought at Proxis. Just click here!

Finally, I wanted to talk again about Alexander. I have seen for over a week on some German sites that there will be some sort of "Limited Edition" of the Alexander soundtrack next month. Now Dennis Lodewijks at confirms that there will indeed be a limited edition CD release in Germany that will have a bonus track titled "Bizarre Bazaar" (what a song title!). Read more about it at Dennis' site by clicking here!

This update - October 12, 2004

Alexander OST


It's coming, it's coming! I am so totally excited about this. After so long, we will finally have a new, full-length release by Vangelis! On November 9, 2004, the world will see the long-awaited release of Alexander - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack! Could it possible be that it has been 10 years since I saw a Vangelis-scored movie in a theater? Much too long! Here is a peek at the cover art for this new release. And, if you live in the USA, I HIGHLY recommend that you pre-order this CD from The Sony Music Store, because in addition to receiving the CD, they are giving away a poster for the soundtrack! This will certainly become a prized collectible item. But do not wait, because supplied are limited! How do you get there to order? Just click HERE!!!!! Thank you Sony Classical!

This update - September 30, 2004

Erik Norlander - Seas of OrionQuantum Productions in Holland have pointed out to me that one of their recording artists, Erik Norlander, has just released his new analogue synthesizer and percussion-only CD, Seas of Orion, which features amongst its 6 tracks a cover version of Vangelis' "Hymne"! The press sheet sheds some light into why he chose this piece to cover:

The album ends with a wonderful cover of a classic electronic piece, "Hymne" from Vangelis' 'Opera Sauvage'. Beautiful and triumphant, the melody of "Hymne" holds a special place in Norlander's heart. "My wife Lana and I were married to this piece" says Norlander. "We used 'Hymne' in lieu of the usual Wedding March." The wedding ceremony was many years ago, but the power of the song remains. It seems only natural that Norlander should offer his interpretation of the piece here on this electronic release.

For more information and to order, please visit Quantum Productions' website by clicking here!

This update - August 22, 2004

Hi everybody! Here is some DVD news for the folks in the UK, and the rest of us insane collectors! First off, and finally, the UK has a region 2 release of Bitter Moon! And it is a great price! I am seeing prices like 6 pounds for this! It appears to have no new features though, and is the usual Dolby 2.0 mix. On September 6, 2004, there will also be a re-packaging of Bitter Moon, 8 MM, and The Eyes of Laura Mars (of course, those two other movies are not Vangelis-related) in one DVD set, retailing for a mere 14.99 pounds!

Also, on July 19, 2004, The Bounty was re-released on DVD at the budget price of 5 pounds! That is great compared to the first issue at 20 pounds!

The Bounty DVD UK 2004 reissue

Bitter Moon UK DVD 2004

Bitter Moon/8 MM/The Eyes of Laura Mars  UK 3 DVD Budget-Priced Set 2004

Michael Hoppé - Solace - Japan CD release with unique cover!

Of course, I am always happy to report on any release news regarding Michael Hoppé! By accident, I stumbled across the fact that the wonderful CD, Solace, was released on CD in Japan on June 16, 2004! Nicely, it also has cover art unique to the Japanese release. Excellent stuff! It looks like the fine folks at Pony Canyon have released this (PCCY-1697)!

This update - August 15, 2004

Vanessa Mae - Choreography Advanced UK promo CD


Hi everybody! Well, I guess this is welcome news, huh? There are promos for the new Vanessa Mae album floating around the UK! I have got to get me one of these! It won't be too much longer and the standard issue will be available to just about everyone in the world (of course, we in the USA will have to wait until 2005). Thank goodness we can import this from so many online retailers! Collectors, keep your eyes open for the promos, they are coming!!!

Vangelis-Voices French X Disc


Peter Michalowski e-mailed me about this incredible item that leaves me very puzzled and wishing I had a copy! This is a French-made promotional CD created for a radio station in Greece for broadcast during the Olympics, pressed using some type of "Black Disc" or "X Disc" technology! It appears to be legitimate, not some homemade item on a black CDR. However, I cannot seem to find out any information about X Disc Technology from doing a Google search, so if you know anything about this, please write to me immediately. Thanks a lot to Peter for sharing this incredible discovery!


Sufian informs me that he is seeing some Jon and Vangelis CDs with a new logo on them. He picked up this copy in the UK and has seen online that some copies of "Private Collection" are now on the Spectrum label. Very strange indeed. Thanks for the info!

Back Cover of Short Stories CD on Spectrum labelSpectrum logo

This update - July 27, 2004

Alexander - Is this the final cover design?I get the feeling that the next few months will be keeping me very, very busy. Sony has set up a website for the new Vangelis album (, due to hit stores in the USA on October 19, 2004. That's only 3 months away! The image shown here was captured from the UK at the HMV site (thanks to Stephen Cairns for pointing it out!), although I wonder if this is the true cover. The image is so small that I cannot make out Vangelis' name here, so we will just have to wait and see!

Also, the new Vanessa Mae album, now called Choreography, will be out in September! It appears that the name of the track that Vangelis composed is titled "Roxanne's Veil". The catalog number for this title also appears to be SK 90895, on Sony Classical. More information as it becomes available!

Harmony - The Official Athens 2004 Olympic Games Classical Album


And how could it be the Olympic Games without some release that includes "Chariots of Fire"? EMI has made sure that it does not happen with the release of Harmony-The Official Athens 2004 Olympic Games Classical Album. I often wonder how many of these tie-in CDs sell when the Olympics roll around? Now if EMI had included an unreleased Vangelis tune, that might help increase sales! (Thanks to Panos Kokkalenios for the scan!)

Elaine Paige - Centre Stage-The Very Best of Elaine Paige UK 2 CD set


Walter Wachhauer pointed out to me that we missed a May release of this UK 2 CD set by Elaine Paige, that includes the Vangelis-penned track "All Things Considered"! This one is easily available from, and if you are interested in ordering, just click here and you will be magically transported to a fantastic place where you may get it! Thanks Walter!

This update - June 18, 2004

GioAria Korean promotional DVDYes, I know, I know. I am a bit behind! Sorry guys, but life has me very busy! So I will now try to update most of what I can recall from the past month or so.

First off, Mr. Kim from Korea has reported to me the great news that GioAria's CD "Like A Dream" has now been released in Korea (13 tracks) and in addtion, there is a promotional DVD included in the package! This is a label sampler DVD and it includes two tracks by GioAria. The first track is a 10 minute or so concert montage video, with GioAria covering a variety of songs, one of them "Conquest of Paradise". The second is a fully realized video for the track "Like A Dream". Very nice find Mr. Kim!

Solace For You - German Enhanced CD


Second, Robert Eichelsheim reports that the Michael Hoppé CD has been released a few months back in Germany with a longer title ("Solace For You") and as an "enhanced" edition. Basically what this means is that there is a video added on this CD for the track "This Majestic Land". Of course, the Vangelis-performed song, "The Parting", is included in this CD! A pity there is not a video of that! A copy of this can be ordered through by clicking here. Thanks, Robert!

Demis Roussos Live In Concert - EU DVD released in 2004


Third, Kees Wolvers reports that there is another Demis Roussos "Live In Concert" DVD just recently released in Germany, and probably other parts of Europe. I am afraid I do not yet have any information about whether this is something we have not seen before or not, but I do know that it has a Dolby 5.1 sound mix, as well as a DTS mix, and it includes 7 cover versions of old Aphrodite's Child tracks, as well as a performance of "Mourir Aupres de Mon Amour", all of these songs written by or with Vangelis. I will update this blurb when I find out more information about it. I do also know it is sold at a nice price, under 10 euros! Thanks Kees!

Ithaca - Greek-only Box Set

Next news comes from Dennis Lodewijks and his excellent Vangelis site, Elsewhere. This month, a Greek-only Box Set titled "Ithaca" has been released for charity. Inside this box is a 1 track CD performed by Vangelis as music done for a poetry reading. The reading is by Sean Connery of "Ithaca" by the Greek poet Kavafis! In addition, there is a full booklet devoted to the painting of Sean Connery's wife, Micheline Connery, with over 100 of her paintings represented in the book, titled "A Journey In Colour". According to Dennis' site, the proceeds of this item, which sells for 104 euros, will all go toward the building of a kindergarten. The charity is called "Friends of the Child". Sounds like a wonderful cause! The box is limited to 3000 copies, and only sold in Greece. Dennis reports that a Greek bookstore chain, Eleftheroudakis, is selling this and that online sales can be arranged by writing to:

Incredible news Dennis! Thanks a lot for letting me use the photos! (I have not heard this CD yet, as I am not getting my copy until next month!)

Ithaca - CD from Greek-only Box Set

Odyssey - UK promotional CD from 2004


I recently bought this item and also wanted to report it here, since there were so few promos for the Odyssey release! Earlier in 2004, this new promotional CD was produced by Universal in the UK. It is a 10 track promo housed in a custom sleeve, which includes ten tracks off the Odyssey release. A very unusual promo, as it uses artwork not seen before and does not include any of the two previously-unreleased songs and does not use any of the other licensed songs from Sony and BMG. A nice find for the collector!

Finally, I will close with two other tidbits. As reported by a variety of sources on the internet in May, the USA will finally see the DVD release of 1492 Conquest of Paradise from Paramount. There is, sadly, no news of this on the Paramount website but the news did originate from them. So far, no specs have been released, so we do not know yet if this will be an expanded edition. One can only hope! I have also learned that 5000 YEMMATA (5000 Lies) is being prepared for DVD release this year. This is one of the early examples of Vangelis' soundtrack work, recorded in the mid 60s! More news when it arrives. Sorry it took so long!

This update - May 8, 2004


Stephen Cairns just sent me an e-mail with some great news! It appears that there will be a Vangelis contribution on the next Vanessa Mae CD! Incredible news indeed. Here is what Stephen has to say about it!:

In the latest edition of Classic FM magazine in the UK, there is a preview of Vanessa Mae's forthcoming album, "Dances with Time," due for release in September 2004 on Sony. The album is a collection of original orchestral works, with Mae soloing on violin.

Interestingly, it features a contribution from Vangelis, in the form of one track entitled "Dance of the Seven Veils". In the words of the magazine....

"His {Vangelis's} contribution to the disc is a fresh take on the seductive "Dance of the Seven Veils".

The article is in the June edition of the magazine.

According to the Sony Classical website, Vanessa Mae was just signed to their label, and her next album, described as an "album of music inspired by dance rhythms from cultures around the world", is scheduled for release in the USA the beginning of 2005. I can't wait! Thanks a lot to Stephen for this great piece of detective work!

This update - April 16, 2004

Silent Portrait LP


Anytime new music surfaces by Vangelis in any format that has not been known before, that is big news. Here to the right is a front cover image to a previously unknown Vangelis vinyl release titled "Silent Portraits" from 1984. I have set up a page for this record, adding it to the full discography by Vangelis. For more information, click here. Needless to say, we so-called Vangelis experts don't know everything about what Vangelis has released! That is what makes collecting both fun and challenging.

This update - April 10, 2004

Nosferatu en Venecia Spanish DVD

Hi everybody! As DVD continues to grow in popularity, this hopefully will mean that more obscure titles will be released that feature Vangelis music in some form or another. To the left is the cover artwork for the Spanish-pressed DVD of "Nosferatu en Venecia" (aka "Nosferatu a Venezia" or "Nosferatu in Venice"). Now, Luigi Ceccarelli does the score, but a great deal of the score is based upon themes from the Vangelis album "Mask", and indeed, Vangelis is prominently noted in the end credits. I mention this DVD here because this is the first known DVD pressing I have seen of it anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the DVD company responsible decided to go with a dubbed version, replacing the original English with a choice of either Spanish or Italian. Try to purchase.

And then I also saw a Greek DVD just recently released for the film "Man For All the Doings". This is an old Greek comedy from the early 60s with a score by George Theodosiadis. On the soundtrack that was released by Potfleur in 2002, there is one track performed by Vangelis. I have not yet received my copy of the DVD, so I cannot confirm that the track is on the DVD, or if perhaps that track is even longer in the film, or if there might even be more Vangelis music on it. Once it arrives, we'll watch it and see!


Man For All the Doings Greek DVD

This update - March 14, 2004

Gioaria - Like A Dream CD cover

Hi everybody! News from Seiya Hirano in Japan about a new CD of Vangelis cover versions by the beautiful Italian soprano Gioaria! This CD is titled "Like A Dream" and appears to be on the release schedule for both Japan and Canada for April 6, 2004! In Canada, where she has a large following, this will be released on the ISBA label (ISBCD5106), distributed by BMG. In Japan, it will be released by Green Energy GECA 1100. In Japan, the track list will be: 1. Psalmus Ode  2. Like A Dream  3. Rachels Song  4. Conquest Of  Paradise  5. Come To Me  6. The Friends Of Mr. Cairo  7. Voices  8. Losing Sleep (Still, My Heart)  9. So Long Ago, So Clear  10. March With Me  11. Italian Song  12. Chariots Of Fire  13. Prelude.  You can learn more about Gioaria by clicking here. Thanks Seiya!

This update - March 2, 2004

(click image to enlarge)

Vangelis-Odyssey 10 track promotional Japanese CD


Hi everybody! When I was away from collecting for four months and returned last month, one of the first questions I had for other collectors was simply...where are all the Odyssey promo items? I had gotten the UK promotional CDR right before I stopped collecting, and expected to find a bunch of promotional items upon my return. But no, they just were not there! So I started digging, and finally, I hit the jackpot! Here is a nice item from Universal Japan. What we have here is a 4 page promotional book that, upon opening, you will find a black envelope attached. Inside that envelope, a 10 track promotional CD is housed! All the tracks come from Odyssey, but what is truly bizarre is that the tracks are all edited, so that the total time of the CD is only 18:57 for the ten songs! Very odd indeed! I guess this would just be a teaser promo then! Very unusual, a must-have for the hardcore collector!

Vangelis-Odyssey Japanese promotional 4 page booklet

This update - February 25, 2004

Francesco Korean DVD


Interesting news of a new collectible coming out of South Korea, courtesy of Mr. Kim! He has found a local Korean DVD pressing of Francesco! It's a rather incredible find, as this item cannot be found through general DVD sites or shops within Korea. The only way to get this DVD is through a Christian organization located within Korea called "Christian Media". This version is the 119 minute cut, appearing to be identical to the out-of-print USA version. This is quite a find...thanks to Mr. Kim for reporting it!

This update - February 4, 2004

Bitter Moon Japanese DVD


Hi! Seiya Hirano reports that Bitter Moon will see release in Japan on March 21, 2004! This will most likely be identical to the USA DVD (no suppliments), and will be 16:9 enhanced and Dolby Digial 2.0. Price is listed at ¥3800, not too bad! I'm not quite sure which company is releasing this title at the moment (I believe it is MAXAM). All I can tell for sure is the catalog number: GNBF-7033. Thanks for the update Seiya! I see that this can be pre-ordered at HMV in Japan...

This update - January 31, 2004

Aphrodite's Child - 666 Japanese 2004 promotional paper edition sleeve

Hi everybody! As you probably know, Universal Japan has reissued 8 titles from the back catalog. What some of you may be seeing are items that are not part of the standard releases. With the exception of the Aphrodite's Child-Rain and Tears CD, all of the other releases have a second promotional obi strip that is a replica of the original obi strip for each of the respective vinyl editions. And the Aphrodite's Child-666 CD even has a second paper sleeve that is a replica of the third pressing Japanese LP design, shown here to the right! The CDs with these extra promotional items are all sold exclusively at Disc Union, a collectors shop in Japan! However, some of these have surfaced on ebay. Collectors, you better snatch these up before they disappear!


This update - September 28, 2003

Vangelis - Odyssey - The Definitive Collection - UK edition


HI EVERYBODY! Here is the artwork for the new Vangelis CD, Odyssey - The Definitive Collection! I am so looking forward to getting this CD, if only to hear the two new tracks, "Main Theme from Cavafy" and "Celtic Dawn"! This art is for the UK edition, so I cannot say that this is the artwork for everywhere else in the world. We shall see!!!! Also, keep your eyes open for promos. The first promo, a CDR from Universal in the UK, is already on the streets.

And, not to be outdone by the Australians, the French have unveiled their box sets for the 2003 Christmas season! There are two sets from Warner: the first 2 CD Box pairs 1492 with Blade Runner, while the 3 CD Box adds The City to 1492 and Blade Runner. These are very similar to the Australian sets, but collectors should know that they are not identical. The major difference is the use of the French artwork for 1492. And then there is BMG, making their annual Box Set of Heaven and Hell, Albedo 0.39 and Spiral. Get them before they go out of print!

The City/1492/Blade Runner French 3 CD Box Set for 2003

Heaven and Hell/Albedo 0.39/Spiral French 3 CD box set for 2003

1492/Blade Runner French 2 CD Box for 2003

This update - September 13, 2003

ENAS Japanese DVDHi everybody! First, I want to talk about the news that Dennis Lodewijks reported at his most excellent Elsewhere site! A new Vangelis compilation, Odyssey, will be released next month by Universal music! Just in time for the holidays, this will have two previously unreleased tracks on it! I cannot wait! As soon as I can find some cover artwork, I'll post it here!

And here is some great news from Seiya Hirano in Japan! There is now released on DVD a performance of the ballet, ENAS, choreographed by Marcia Haydee and performed by the Stuttgart Ballet from, I believe, 1987! This 28 minute show features music from the Vangelis/Irene Papas album Odes! I have not received a copy yet, but I am quite anxious to see how the music works in this performance!

This update - September 8, 2003

Take 3 Australian 3 CD setHi folks, two news reports in two days, a record! Well, just in case you wanted more than the "Take 2" set from Australia that I reported about on August 14, 2003, your wish has come true! On September 29, 2003, another Australian set will be released, part of Warner's "Take 3" Series! This one will contain The City, 1492 Conquest of Paradise and Blade Runner! You know, I thought the French had the market on repackaged sets cornered, but the Australian record companies are making a mad dash at it! You know that I am thrilled about it! Now, if Warner had a "Take 7" Series, they could add the rest of the Warner releases!

This update - September 7, 2003

S.H.A.D.O. Electro - Various Artists Compilation, compiled by KrismaHow do these nuggets get released with such little fanfare, making it so hard to even discover them? This various artists compilation from the Italian record label S.H.A.D.O. Records, titled S.H.A.D.O. Electro, was released in June and it seems to have been totally missed! The Vangelis angle? This compilation was put together by Krisma (Chrisma!) and it includes three songs off the two Chrisma albums that Vangelis was involved with, two of these songs being available for the first time on CD! The songs are "Black Silk Stocking" from Chinese Restaurant, plus "We R" and "Lover" from Hibernation. Since Hibernation has yet to see release on CD, and may never be released on CD, this may be the only way to get at least two songs from that album on CD! I just ordered my copy the other day, and perhaps you want to order it too? Then go right to Pop Polar and get one!


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