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Premiere Issue

The Researcher


January 30, 2005

Webmaster note: I have wanted to add a page like this for a long time. The fascination with collecting Vangelis is twofold: the hunt and the find. There is a great deal of research that ends up being put into collecting Vangelis records. One needs to remember that his musical output has been occurring for the past 40 years, and up until the past 10 years, the existing discographies (if you could find them) were very incomplete. The internet has changed all of that.  As we have learned, Vangelis has worked with numerous different artists besides his solo career, and because he does little self-promotion, a lot of that music goes undiscovered. For me, this is just wonderful, like digging for buried treasure. I am fascinated by his early career, with music that is very different than today, but also, one can hear the beginning of sounds and composition that he wanted to create. Also, for me, collecting his records is an examination of musical history. I am not a musician. I only know what I hear and I know how it makes me feel. My collection is an outward extension of how I feel about this music.

As a boy, I always liked collecting things, a gift from my parents who collected depression-era glassware. I fondly remember going to flea markets as a child and looking at all the items people were parting with. To me, it was more than just "junk". Many of the items probably have some sort of memory for the person selling it. Whenever I buy a used record from a faraway land, I try to imagine who might have owned it at one time. I have a thing about flying, so these records may be my only tangible connection to these faraway lands. These records do not know politics. I have records from countries that have different politics, different religions, different philosophies...the records do not care about these things. How fortunate for them.

I hope you enjoy my premiere issue. As you can tell, I like to collaborate with other collectors and researchers, so if you want to share something fascinating, please write to me and let's work on something for the next issue.

The Swingles(US/UK): One great place to do research is online at national library sites. One day, I took a look at the British Library Sound Archive to see what information they might have regarding Vangelis, in hopes that I might find some new discovery. I sifted through about 1000 results, and came up with one odd entry. There was a listing for a song titled "Nuits D'amour" with Vangelis noted as the composer, and the performer being listed as The Swingle Singers. At first, I thought that it just could not be. I figured it must be an erroneous input from whomever compiled this information. But there it was, and when something is found like this, I immediately start searching other places. I went to the official website for The Swingle Singers, but that was not helpful at all, although I learned that the group is world-reknown for its vocal arrangements. I could not find any additional information about the song, so I just jotted down the note in my log and forgot about it, at least, for a little while. Then about three months ago, I decided that the only way I could solve this mystery would be to spend the money and find this LP. Of course, it is out of print, and there is no CD release for this 1986 LP (that I know of). I headed off to the internet and located a copy for 10 pounds. The dollar is so weak at the moment that it cost a bit for this record. I waited anxiously for the package to arrive from England. Would I find a new song that Vangelis had quietly released? Finally, the LP arrived and I quickly learned that I would not have a discovery of a new song, but the discovery of a cover version of the Jon and Vangelis track "Italian Song", retitled "Nuits D'Amour." Sometimes, when researching, mysteries come up that need solving, and I was happy to have solved this mystery.

(Portugal/France): Vasco Oliveira from Portugal reminds me that in order to do good research, sometimes it is necessary to leave the computer and go to the library! Vasco recently pulled out reference material from France, titled Catalogue de la Production Cinématographique for the years 1975 and 1976. Basically, this catalogue is a registry of all film works registered in France for those given years, including shorts and commercials. Vasco discovered some very interesting material, of which I am highlighting here. Just click on the camera icons to view the sections of text, photocopied directly from the catalogues. First of all, I am amazed to learn that Vangelis music was used for a series titled Les Maries du Bout du Monde. Unfortunately, we do not know from this text whether or not it is music created exclusively for the series, or if it is previously-released music. In examining the text for these, however, it appears they may have originally been filmed in 1969, making it unlikely that this is previously-recorded music. If only we could find some more out about this series. Perhaps as you read this, you will have some more information! There is also a Frederic Rossif show titled "Semaine de Cowes", from the series Le Mer Cette Aventure and a notation of an episode of L'Opera Sauvage, titled "La Passion du Souvenir." Finally, there are two commericals noted for Guerlain and for Mercedes Benz. Click the icons and read the text yourself!

Picture Picture Au Royaume de Tsiam les Kalash

Picture Les Kouchi Nomades du Toit du Monde

Picture Mariage de Maharadja au Palais des Vents

Picture Semaine des Cowes

Picture La Passion du Souvenir

Picture L'Opera Sauvage

Picture Guerlain

Picture Mercedes Benz

If you have some information that you want to share in this forum, please write to me! I am always happy to talk with other collectors and expand on our knowledge about Vangelis!

Aphrodite's Child - Rain and Tears Greek 7" label style #1 Aphrodite's Child - Rain and Tears Greek 7" label style #2 George Romanos - To Roloi Greek 7" with no center George Romanos - To Roloi Greek 7" with built-in center (that has sadly been removed!)

(Greece): I have been having an ongoing discussion with Andreas Rallis from Greece about Vangelis collectibles there. It is simply a wonderful country for Vangelis collectibles. His career started there. His earliest records are to be found there. It is his historical beginning, his birthplace. So I am always happy to research there in Greece, and I admit that just when I think I know something about what is to be found there, I am contacted by somebody like Andreas who has a few things to teach me. The first thing I learned from Andreas has to do with the first Aphrodite's Child single released in Greece, "Rain and Tears/Don't Try To Catch A River". It was initially released in a picture sleeve, but what I did not know is that there were two pressings of this single in '68 as evidenced by the two above-left label images. I surmised that the one on the far left is the first issue, as it uses the old-style Mercury logo, while the second image uses the re-designed logo. (correction) Andreas indicates that is correct. Andreas also talked about the single by George Romanos, TO  ROLOI/MARINA, which as you may or may not know, involves Aphrodite's Child before they were known as Aphrodite's Child, performing as the band on this single. I had known about the coloured vinyl version of this record. You can tell that the copy (2nd image from right) has a clean large center hole and does not have a built-in center insert (like the Aphrodite's Child singles above). As far as I knew, that was the only way this single was made available. Andreas informs me that there is indeed a version of this single with the built-in center insert. Sadly, the copy he owns has the center insert pushed out! But if you examine the image on the far right, you will notice that there are four indentations around the center hole, which is where the center insert used to be attached. He will keep searching for a copy, and now, so will I. Lastly, Andreas forwarded to me a rare mis-spelling of the huge Greek hit by The Forminx for "Jeronimo Yanka", but mis-spelled as "Yeronimo Yanka", as noted below. Now that is a cool find! I am sure that Andreas and I will continue to have these discussions about the old Greek records and we will report back here next time around.

The Forminx - Yeronimo Yanka Greek 7" mis-spelled!

And now, my readers, I present a mystery to you to help me solve. One day, a long time ago, I was researching Vangelis' name and I came across a notation for a song titled "Time of Our Life" that is composed by Vangelis and Tim Rice. Now, it would not be the first time the two of them would be connected. Tim Rice provided lyrics for Vangelis "Missing" (as performed by Nana Mouskouri, as well as by Elaine Paige). He also co-wrote "All Things Considered" with Vangelis and Elaine Paige, performed by Elaine Paige. So the big question is simply this: WHERE IS "TIME OF OUR LIFE"? Perhaps there is a Tim Rice fan that will stumble across this page and can help us to answer it. If somebody is successful, I will include that in the next issue. The only hint I have is that it might only be something available as sheet music, which would seem strange, but that's what I have in my notes. Who knows, maybe it will help somebody discover this. Good luck!

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