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The Best Italian CD front coverI don't want this CD to be in this Related Section. I was anticipating this CD. I couldn't wait for its arrival. I do love Krisma for the most part (not too big on that album they did with Hans Zimmer though). The major reason I was excited for this CD was that there were four tracks from the Hibernation album on The Best, and that album has not seen release yet on CD. So to hear "Calling", "Aurora B.", "Gott Gott Electron" and "Lover" in digital quality (not to mention that "Lola", "C. Rock" and "Mandoia" from Chinese Restaurant are also present) would truly be amazing. I think I like the Hibernation album better than Chinese Restaurant (certainly more CS-80 sound on Hibernation). I have to admit I was very disappointed to get this CD and discover that Krisma has re-recorded all the old songs here, there are no original versions. Now you know why it is here in this Related Section. Vangelis collectors are probably going to avoid this CD because of this, coupled with the fact that its small-label release in Italy makes it hard to find as well, and the one internet source for this CD charges more for postage to ship overseas than the cost of the CD itself! But even though I am disappointed, the photo underneath the CD tray makes up for it, and I wonder if the "U" picture sleeve was based on the photo, or if they were doing a pose like on the "U" sleeve. Either way, the pose is classic. Click on the second camera icon below and enjoy it!


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CD DV 6505


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