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Aino Ohrora-Nankyoku Monogatari/Shiroi Rekuiemu Japanese 7" front coverIt is difficult for those outside of Japan to realize just how huge the movie "Antarctica" was inside of Japan. I have read that it is the most popular live-action Japanese film ever made. The Vangelis score was only released in Japan initially. I remember not knowing of its existance until 1987 (back before I started collecting!). So in my collecting travels, I learned that there were a lot of items released in Japan to promote this movie. But I never knew of this single by Keiko Oginome until very recently. If you have seen the movie, you might recognize her as "Riki" from the film. Who knew she could sing? When this single was first located, it raised a lot of questions. The titles in Japanese are "Aino Ohrora-Nankyoku Monogatari/Shiroi Rekuiemu". The titles in English are Aurora of Love-Antarctica/White Requiem. Was she singing a version of the Antarctica theme? Perhaps she was singing a track written by Vangelis, or with him, or maybe he was even playing on this single! Well, sadly, none of that is true, even though this single is promoted as "inspired by", an "image song" for the movie Antarctica. Indeed, there are two very nice photos from the movie inside the nice tri-fold picture insert. But there is no Vangelis involvement in any fashion, nor is the music based on any existing Vangelis themes...that we know of...

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Aino Ohrora-Nankyoku Monogatari/Shiroi Rekuiemu



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