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Play the Bouzouki/I Love Greek Music West German 7" front coverThere is something to be said for advertisements with pictures. I remember coming across the text description of this record by the "Forminx" in the sales list of a German dealer, and I was nothing but excited! In my mind, I imagined that our Forminx recorded a one-off single for the German market that was previously undiscovered, until I found it! So I was quick to place my order. I waited patiently until the package arrived. For you hard-core collectors, you know the thrill of getting a package from far away, and how you just tear into the package. I remember this package being packed very well, and having to fight with the tape to get it open! And finally, I open this wonderful discovery to find, well, this atrocity. I guess I should have known better from the titles of the tracks. From the etching on the inner groove, I can tell that this single was released in January 1979. I hope I bought the only single, as it is really not good! Collectors beware! 

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Catalog No.


Play the Bouzouki/I Love Greek Music


Germany (West)


101 116-100

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