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Salut, Jerusalem French DVD-RHenri Chapier's three films (Sex Power, Salut Jerusalem and Amore) all follow the same presentation, which is incredible, given that Salut Jerusalem is a documentary.  The main character is the location, and the characters symbolic.  Even in this documentary, which follows a journey of a young man (I believe a Brit) as he travels to Jerusalem, and doing so, finds that different people living there have a different definition of what Jerusalem is.  As for the music, I absolutely love that the main theme, which accounts for most of the music here (although there are those great percussion-only tracks ala L'apocalypse des Animaux that appear throughout).  The main theme is incredible. A great guitar line, and bagpipes too! Reminded me of "Celtic Dawn" from so many years later. Vangelis plays with this melody by manipulating the tape speed during different scenes of the film. I don't imagine there is enough here to make an album, which would explain why one was never released. A pity...the main theme could have been one of those great 45s released during this time period (Alpha Beta, Odyssey, etc.).

The Official DVD-R is available through the French website  Go to their boutique, do a search for it and you will surely find it!

UPDATE: In 2012, Salut Jerusalem was released on a factory-pressed DVD along with Amore, which may make it much easier for those outside of France to purchase!


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PAL, 80 minutes, mono, 4:3, DVD-R



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2012, PAL, in fold-open digipack, also includes Amore

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