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AmoreThe strange opening and closing titles for Amore, utilizing bizarre artwork and seemingly disconnected to the movie, are what will stick with you when watching the last of the three Henri Chapier/Vangelis film. Just like Sex Power (and even Salut, Jerusalem for that matter), the characters are more symbolic in presentation: the clean-cut reporter, the gritty photographer, the elusive beauty. And just like Sex Power, the main character is the location. For Sex Power, it was California.  For Amore, it is Venice.  Chapier was not so impressed with California and the free love movement, which was falling apart at the seems by the time Sex Power was filmed in 1970. 

So too, Chapier seems to cut right into the idolized view of Venice.  The City of Love is torn apart, culminated in a rather uncomfortable scene of the Italian photographer forcing himself on the beautiful Marina.  As for the music, it's incredible. The opening theme has a pulsing, percussive rhythm and is repeated several times during the film.  I'm not sure there is enough here to make an album, although that could have been said about Sex Power, where we don't hear tracks in their entirety in the film.  This was recorded during that time when Vangelis was finished with Aphrodite's Child but not yet established in the UK with his RCA contract.  The music reflects the period.

The Official DVD-R is available through the French website  Go to their boutique, do a search for it and you will surely find it!

UPDATE: In 2012, Amore was released on a factory-pressed DVD along with Salut Jerusalem, which may make it much easier for those outside of France to purchase!


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2012, PAL, in fold-open digipack, also includes Salut Jerusalem

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