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Haar Grootste Successen Dutch 2 CD front coverWell, this one is a mystery, and perhaps easier to solve than I thought. Ms. Stenberg is a famous flute player, quite popular in Holland and known worldwide. On this particular CD, titled Haar Grootste Successen, she performs the track "Le Lac Majeur", a cover version of the song originally written and performed by Mort Shuman. However, for some reason, the liner notes of this Stenberg release have Vangelis' name attached as a co-writer. This caused me all sorts of problems. First, I was unfamiliar with the song. So I ordered a Mort Shuman CD with the song, and he is listed as the co-writer with somebody named "E. Roda-Gil". So that seems to eliminate Vangelis as a song writer. Then I wrote to her management about it, and they gave me an extremely vague answer, something along the lines that Ms. Stenberg and Vangelis had been in contact, and that he may have played some role in this track, but they needed to ask her about it, and they would get back to me. Of course, I never did hear back. She once had a web site at, but it seems to have disappeared. In listening to the track, there does not seem to be any Vangelis performance that I can detect. The arrangement is done by Harry van Hoof. So, for now, this release gets sent to the Related Section until there is some confirmation. Could it just have been a simple typographical error that has occurred?


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Haar Grootste Successen



Dino Music

DNCD 1530

2 CD set

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