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Strangers In the Night/The Shadow of Your Smile Greek 7" inner labelThis mistake cost me $70, and is one of the pitfalls that you can avoid as a Vangelis collector. Tassos Papastamtis is one of the primary vocalists in The Forminx (the real Forminx, not the fake one!) and he did indeed sing "Strangers In the Night" with Vangelis (click here to see), separate from The Forminx. As it only appeared on a various artists LP, I assumed there must be a single for it somewhere. So when one was offered to me, I jumped at the chance to own it. When it came, and I played it, I could have thrown it against the wall out of disgust. Who knew he recorded the damn song twice? This single does not include Vangelis at all. This shows the difficulty in trying to make discoveries without reference material to work with. Maybe my mistakes can help save you some aggravation!

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Strangers In the Night/The Shadow of Your Smile



Pan Vox

PAN 6058


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