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Crime and Passion US videocassette front coverI'm here to tell you that there is nothing special about this US videocassette. As most of you know, this movie was scored by Vangelis, but for some odd reason, there does not seem to be any video copies with a stereo soundtrack. Even the pressbook I have on this film at the time of its theatrical release says nothing about a stereo soundtrack (although this US pressbook I have does confirm that the US theatrical release of Crime and Passion has the Vangelis score). So why does Vestron call this a "Special Home Video Version"? Because it has a stereo soundtrack! Sounds good to me! But, this stereo soundtrack is not by Vangelis at all! They replaced the entire soundtrack! How disgusting is that?! Can you imagine paying retail for this video (I think it originally sold for over $50 retail) to hear the Vangelis score and getting...this? An entertaining film, but unless you can buy it used for under $5, don't buy the USA version! To see videos with the real Vangelis score, click here.

"Special?" (Should read "Not Special...")


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Crime and Passion


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