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Red Square/When the Cat's Away Spanish 7" promotional front coverThis very rare item is another obscure single release from 1978, using two Vangelis pseudonyms! Of course, Mama O is pseudonym #1. Pseudonym #2 appears in the fine print: Richard Broadbaker (how did Vangelis come up with that name?). Broadbaker has appeared on a Chrisma track and the one Logaridis track. So far, copies have been found in Spain and England. Some Spanish copies came with a press sheet. My translating abilities are not the best, but I offer the following translation of three of the four paragraphs, and a summary of the last paragraph:

"The biography of Mama O is very short and very complicated because the name it employs of Mama O is a pseudonym, another pseudonym of Vangelis Papathanassiou.

Regarding Vangelis, he is usually nicknamed Papa O (1st pseudonym); here playing a little with this, it is Mama O (2nd pseudonym) that is the ghost interpreter of this recording.

Vangelis produced, arranged and recorded "Red Square", but due to the present situation brought about by bereaucratic problems of contracts and other things, the name of Vangelis cannot appear on the label of the disc, so the name of Richard Broadbaker (3rd pseudonym) was put on and who is the one that appears as the producer and arranger."

The last paragraph (which contained a few words I just couldn't figure out) talks about the song being a variation of the song made famous by Branovitch, also known as "Oh How We Danced", and then makes some colorful reference to how this disco version is perfectly danced to at the Plaza Roja, a discotheque in Spain (Madrid?), hence a fitting name (red=rojo). [Thanks to Sufian Irhimeh for the scan of the UK single]

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Red Square/When the Cat's Away





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Red Square/When the Cat's Away


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GO 319

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