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La Fete Sauvage French videocassette front coverI am again humbled to realize another item that I did not know existed until this year (2005), that has been around since 1981! Actually, two items! I am talking about a commercially-available videocassette for the Frederic Rossif film, La Fete Sauvage! I guess that is not totally accurate. I know there was a commercially-released 8 MM version from Italy, but I never found a copy to buy and I had no images of the cover art, so I never bothered to add it to this site. But now, within a few weeks of each other, I learn of TWO VHS releases of this great film!

The movie is from 1975.  The soundtrack is well-known and not difficult to find, but like a lot of the early soundtrack work that Vangelis has done, the film that it was created for has not been seen by many people.  I do not know if it has ever been broadcast in the USA.  It has been shown in Europe on TV from time-to-time, and a recording of the TV broadcast has been exchanged between collectors.  So to learn there is a legitimate copy's great news! Of course, finding a copy may be near impossible, but at least it could be found in France and Belgium.  So start looking!!! [Thanks to Robert Eichelsheim for allowing me to borrow the scan for the Belgian issue!]


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